Building piece limit

Limit the building pieces on pve and pve-c servers. It is passed ridiculous the way people string sandstone from one side if the map the the other. The constantly block things and ruin the game. Or maybe make server moderators that can remove stupid stuff like that, it really does ruin the game play for everyone. It would also improve the crazy lag on said servers


Yeah I totally agree.

Infinite amount of build leads to lag on ANY server.

Plus people use it to block off resources and whole areas of the map.


Yea ive been trying to bring awareness to Funcom on it. Im sure theyll do something. More ppl are bringing it up. Its only trolls who want roads spread around the map. Im not sure i want a building cap but something to slow down long land claims (roads)

I do not agree with it.
Then Survive.Build.Dominate will only survive.

I can understand your view, but you have to keep in mind that when a clan has 10 members. That the Clan very much space is needed for resources and these can only be accommodated in a large base.


I have no problem with a large base personally. Just roads connecting them all across the map just because you dont want to travel and refresh them

Yes, I can understand that too, they are idiots who do that.
We also have a very large base and are already reducing it, which unfortunately many do not understand, that such a large base also needs to be defended.
We allow the players in our clan area to walk around and use the teleporters for the quick trip.
After all, we play on a PvE server and you should play with each other and not against each other.

Not even that. The survival part is really laughable on CE

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But not when it comes to level 6 purge.
Because this can Rocknose kings spawn and and and.

Yeah, no, this is where I draw the line. If you’re dealing with trolls and griefers, deal with them in a way that doesn’t ruin the game for everyone who isn’t a troll or a griefer.

There’s an old adage in tech industries: you don’t solve people problems with technology, you solve people problems with people solutions. Griefers and trolls should be dealt with by Funcom. They’re not doing it, because they don’t have resources for that, and that’s fine. That has always been the price of playing on official servers and one of the big reasons why private servers are popular. I myself have had to abandon a server and move to another one, because of trolls and griefers, not once, but twice. Both times I had invested huge amounts of time playing on those servers. It sucked.

But even if you wanted to try to solve a people problem with tech, placing a cap on building pieces is possibly the worst way of doing that. Being limited to some arbitrary building size is not what we paid 60-140 dollars for.

So no. Thanks, but no.


I agree with this 100%, people just go crazy and build ridiculously large bases everywhere, there’s absolutely no need to have a “mega” base which takes up most of a biome.

I currently have 7 bases, only 3 of them are “large” and the rest are outposts with map rooms and a few crafting stations, I could easily live with only one base and the total of my bases is at most a small mega base which could fit within 100*100 foundations.

I play PvE solo and there’s literally nothing stopping me from expanding infinitely, I could make 1000s of foundations daily now if I wanted to and while I realise that is stupid, you have other people claiming all the major resource and thrall locations with no consequence.

Purges do not work as intended, I can mass produce building materials and foundations until I’m close to a purge and then just not play for a day or two, purges are easily avoided and the threat of them destroying anything I build is nonexistent.


Oh HEEELL NO! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


You don’t need limit amount of pieces. Just size of locations people take up really.

Or make it so you dont need imbecilic cords to each base. Which is more real issue, then large bases.

Thou I understand some just like the 100’s of bridges all over Map… I don’t. Its lore/rp breaking to me.



Gotta do something i have seen on several servers 2 wide 2 high sandstone tunnels made from jungle to far north star metal fields so people dont have to go outside bridging everything along the way make stupid amounts of land claim and there is nonway to stop it.

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Yep its true. My server 3828 has been infected by that too. Im trying to get funcom more awareness of ppl doing this. I dont want a building cap, just something to stop umbilical cord roads all over the map. Ive had my land since near server start and dont want to lose it bc a clan wants to abuse the building system.

The silly part is that if they are doing this just to keep multiple bases on the same decay timer, then the umbilicals can be deleted without issue. Keeping the “roads” there after an outlying base has been constructed shows they either don’t know the building system as well as they think, they’re lazy, or are they are just plain inconsiderate.

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If only we had an in-game system that’s supposed to provide a disincentive for builds like that. And if only that system worked properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what I would love: an update to the purge algorithm so that the more land you claim, the faster your purge timer fills and the lower the chance of getting purge rewards. The bit about “the more land you claim” would probably have to be a formula that takes in account the total surface, the total number of building pieces, the number of interconnected building pieces in the largest interconnected base, the number of separate land claims, etc. As a plus, to make it less server-taxing, it should be calculated during reboot.

Wanna be a douche and build inconsiderately? Sure, but then you get purged up your cloaca :wink:

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Just remember that not everyone with multiple interconnected landclaims (with the umbilicals properly removed) is being a jerk. From a practical standpoint, you want public infrastructure like maprooms, wells, etc. supported by the most stable players with the longest tenure — that way, there’s some guarantee you’ve got a way back home after teleporting.

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I agree. I maintain the majority of the public map rooms on the server I play on, and also a large arena for those who want to engage in some consensual PVP outside the PVP hours. That’s why I don’t want this to be a binary thing, but rather involve a formula that takes into account several factors and can be tweaked, tested and fine-tuned.

In an ideal world, I’d agree with that approach, but I feel like we’ve seen a few too many heavy-handed, all-or-nothing balance attempts to date for me to want to poke that sleeping dragon. :sweat_smile:

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