Building piece limit

I know where you’re coming from, but the higher rate of Purge without the lower chance of rewards would only incentivize huge mega-builds, instead of disincentivizing them.

And this is where I suspect that you, @Zeb and I agree completely. It’s something I would like to see implemented, tested and fine-tuned – in a way that wouldn’t punish reasonable builds unreasonably – but given Funcom’s track record… let’s just say I’m pretty sure the end result would be the worst possible perversion of the original idea :laughing:


Hey, I don’t blame em. Outside is scary. Did you know there’s this big round ball of fire out there that could just fall on us at any time? And people want me to walk around under that thing like some kind of idiot? Not a chance. I’ll stick to using the tunnel I dug connecting my basement to the local KFC, thank you very much. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let’s punish everyone because some clans grief the server with their buildings. Who’s definition of “too much/too big” gets used? Who’s feelings are most important? The builders, or the “griefed”? How is Funcom to resolve this without upsetting one side or the other?

If you don’t like someone’s build, blow it up! Blow up a lonely stretch of that sandstone string, and wait… if they’re lazy, the base on the other end will decay. And if you watch the timer, you can swoop in and scoop the loot!

You can’t blow it up on PVE. Not that I think that’s a good reason to implement a cap, but I still wanted to point it out :wink:

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I very strongly agree building/land claim, needs to be limited on PVE and PVE-C servers. I have played 3 servers to have them destroyed by clans that build roads across the entire server. If a player wants to have endless roads then let them rent a private server. I have watched multiple players quit the game because of unlimited land claims. There is no current method to combat unlimited land claim, spawns are being blocked and certain players seem to think a public server is their private play ground. These roads also block dragging newly captured NPC back to ones base. The decay timer is cause of this issue.

This means the decay timer is not fully doing is job which was to limit structures dotting the landscape. Ture is is removing structures of players that have quit. The decay timer is also causing issues for players by causing clans to pave large areas of the server destroying servers.

I am not sure of a good fix for this my clan opted to just go to a private xbox server.

So if others others are having their server destroyed by players paving the server feel free to contact me to join our xbox server. There are no mods, no boosts on my private server, but also no griefers and no trolls.

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You’re right, but keep in mind that this “roads” are there because of Decay Time. Since it’s terribly uncomfortable to visit distant bases, if you want to have more than one shelter, than you have no choice but to have them linked with roads.

A simple solution would be not to have Decay Time for structures, or at least have it bound to player login and not character visiting them.

Also, sometimes these “roads” can be useful even for other players: I often used other players roads to cross “the wall” to the highlands. It just depends on how they are build.

If they become a problem blocking important areas (cause some prople don’t care about others), then Server Admins should be able to delete/destroy them.

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I know exactly what you’re talking about! I once had a rocknose purge on my official pvp server. We managed to defend against 11 waves but number 12 came with 12 rocknose Kings. They teared our base apart.

This way too small thrall cap will likely put this game into a coma.

A building piece limit will be the pillow over the face.


I don’t agree with a building piece limit as would hate for my base to be done and then run out of space for decorations.

What about instead a lower in the decay timer for places that don’t have a bed that is active for the player to spawn at? This with the thrall limit that’s coming might help with players doing the wrong thing for other’s

I also totally disagreed with the thrall limit but not anymore. Now that I’ve seen the dev-stream, I realized that this will be more than enough. You’ll be able to have 30k HP thralls that one-hit every player. Beeing able to have more than 80 or 100 of them would be way to op.

That’s if they don’t break thralls again.

I like the volcano road that people built on my server. I can farm thralls very easily without having to worry about my thrall teleporting into lava. Problem is toxic players. Not our lack of limitations when building.

Toxic spam bad
Utility spam good

I think building limitations are a bad idea and far too restrictive for a game like this. Just my opinion.


Its not my problem if someone is too lazy to go visit their many faraway bases. If they cant manage it, doesnt mean I should have to deal with their ridiculous roads.

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Hmm. What if instead of a building cap. You change how decay system works. Instead of if you touch one foundation then all foundations connected to it refresh…what if its more of a system where only the pieces within your “load in” area refresh. Eventually road builders will get tired of running around all their stupid roads, and they will decay because itll become just as much of a burden to them now as it is for everyone else. Techically this new system wouldnt effect normal players at all because normal players dont connect buildings across the map

i am on board with limits to what a player touches, say if the player is with in 50 or 100 foundations squares the decay timer refreshes more than 50 or 100 and those foundations are not refreshed. It could even be rendering distance, just some limit to stop those roads everywhere.

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Yea, im thinking along the lines of render distance too.

Like I said in Land Claim Flag, its not so much size limits, its to stop walling in.

So said player can have limited or unlimited flags. (give or take staff choices) But it would allow user to build any were (allowed) but no wall off a massive location. This could prevent resource lock down (greif/trolling) and allow user pathways thru locations.

So Large clan could place 1 bubble in middle and surround it with 7 other bubble land claims. And guard the 1foundation enforced gap,

It would limit building in manner thats… a huge middle finger. But it would help stop trolls and griefers. If you can’t all off newbie river, or block off News Asgard or wall in Obilesk. It helps keep people moving.

Purge counter only going up and not dropping until a purge comes might help.


I think having a certain amount of purges not tied to any player base spawn across the map and attack the closest thing to them now all players will see all the “X” on the map and could hunt these groups (optional) but the purges would help in destroying these snake foundations across the map

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okay… limits everywhere on sandbox game, it the best way to spoil it. Limits will get to thralls and pets, and it’s already unpopular for good reasons.