Foundation Spamming the entire map

This is on reddit:
"## A special thanks to the foundation spamming clan on my server

Thank you for spamming foundations for miles around your base, in even the most remote and pointless areas.

Yet somehow you forgot to spam the cliff overlooking your own base so I built a little house there. But when you saw my house, you foundation spammed the front of it so I can’t even build in my own front yard. Oh, what grief!"

So now I’m turning my little house into the tallest and ugliest trump tower looking structure overlooking your base that you’ll have to see every time you log on. Crom bless you, idiots.
(the reddit title to link): “A special thanks to the foundation spamming clan on my server” (Conan Exiles Reddit)

FunCom…do something because the word is getting out.
Btw, please do not tell us that we should pay for a server to avoid this issue. I bought your game, not an extortion to pay for a server from your partner to avoid issues you seem to allow to continue.

I am more then willing to pay for DLC’s and cosmetic extras. But to be told to pay for a server or just move to another…where the same thing is happening is not a solution. Only a quick way to lose your player base.
And yes, Masons of Crom (their current clan name) is spamming foundation blocks all over the entire map…official server 3828.

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