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Hi can someone tell me, is there another way to report a clan for spamming land claim obnoxiously which violates funcom rules and griefing beside sending a pm to @Hugo. I haven’t got a response yet and it’s an urgent matter, anyone?.

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@Ignasis is a option if you can’t get hold of @Hugo pm them both and send anything you can to back up your problems you have to be on forum a little bit before you can PM browse proves your not a bot. @Babyfacekane

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I did but nothing happened

You must to comment at least 30 times at the forum to can reply a pm

my advice would be keep at it. i got a player banned for harassment and blocking off access to dregs. i took photos and wrote again daily with updates and more photos. it took around 10 days from start to finish but i think my constant upkeep of photos and evidence helped.

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Currently funcom is working on a way to stop most of undermesh blocks. But the system needs work to prevent it accidentally banning everything not ready but that was some time ago don’t know what it stats is now but you never know

Hello @Babyfacekane, sending more than one DM to either me or @Ignasis won’t expedite the resolution of your report as these are handled by another team.

I had replied to you two days ago asking for more information, which you haven’t provided yet. Please check your DM and get back to us so that your report can be processed.

Thank you and I understand @hugo your reply has been sent. I had only asked in the forum because It had been 2 days as well for a response from you, and I wanted to get the ball rolling so to speak.