Exploitation, griefing, cheating

I’ve been a player since the games release. Since Beta days… and I am sick and tired of cheating. Does funcom not abide by their code of conduct? Do rules not matter? I’ve had this clan block off obelisks to slaughter players then delete the evidence, I have off raid hours raiding, killing thralls, griefing… not to mention. They are chasing and harassing my clan mates for ■■■■■■■■ sport. Yes we pvp yes we play pvp. But it’s 24/7 bs. I have 2 reports and it hasn’t even been looked at or discussed. 10 days this shit has gone on. Pardon my French but funcom get your shit together before you lose your fan base. I have been trying to get aid and immediate assistance.


The new lightning storm has also made it worse. All the sweaty afraid to lose their stuff so they gone in the mesh which just kills server performance. On camping has always been a thing, just gotta be smart about it, have someone check for you or just hood it instead. Point is whether they actually block the ob or just sit there and camp it physically really makes no difference, it’s a risk we all take when use the maps. Is what it is. But I agree, the exploiting/cheating is just out of control.

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You should report to zendesk if you have evidence to your claim. My reports are always been resolved in less than 24h.


Problem with the zendesk way is that you need proof which usually requires you to cheat or exploit yourself in order to obtain that proof and as such you also become eligible to banned for it. It’s a broken system. Instead of those poor people having to work at the zendesk waiting for people to come in complaining couldn’t they just do routine checks on problematic servers? They know where to look. They know what they’re looking for. And they have the power of gods to make it happen.

For instance if there’s a server where performance has gone to crap, go there and fly around under the mesh and see if it’s the problem. I understand players also get outside the green wall to have a cheat base. Check it out. You can fly, you can turn up the speed at which you fly and you can also just phase through the mesh. Am I missing something? Is it really so tediou? More so than handling tickets and complaints at the desk?

K, I’ll do it :+1:

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Yea it’s been 10 days

This is the reason why many people will no longer buy Funcom content. Their admin actions tend to benefit the cheaters more than the clean players. Report a clan for covering up brimstone lake and the entirety of the grasslands so noone can farm brinstone or oil? They report land claim that covers a single underwater node. Guess what happens? Their land claim disappears. Your base disappears. Admins will despawn an entire base if it’s in a land claimable area and has a single npc box that is blocked. This has been going on for years. Clans get banned and the cheaters are on with the same accounts or a different one the next day to clean up what’s left of your base.

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took u some time to realise that though!!!

so another pvper that was raided and complains (and sadly he might be right!!!)

this games pvp was doomed since day one…

tell me how many glitches u can remember of (a number is what i seek ) at the start, 2 years ago and now

I understand why you are upset. However perhaps you should go to another sever. Or get with someone who goes to a sever and destroys clans and bases that are grieving and destroying other peoples bases. That is what i. Do.

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