PveC advice and ideas

Im on a pve-c with a few pps
Problem we have been having is a player was banned a few weeks ago he returned this week and started getting everyon on the server banned for spam claim still trying to figure out what that means but now he has gotten 8 ppl banned and 5 diffrent clans he was stt
Streaming this on twitch yesteday on how he was doing it and that he is under sponsorship from funcom and that he is an administrator
Would like any opinions on this matter and ideas on what could be done as funcom has not giving me any taughts or answers on how a player could be doing this.


Open a Zendesk ticket and report him for breaking the following rule:


Thank you for the advice
He just got 3 more clans banned last nite and 5 more ppl

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Would you be so kind as to elaborate on what you mean by last night?

Was it that they were banned on server reset between Friday and Saturday?


Yes sure
Last nite for me est we found out the day before he was streaming on twitch taking pictures of clan bases and saying that he is being sponsored by funcom and that he is an admin and telling who he got banned who they are what clan they are from etc. Then yesterday the clans that he took pictures of there base got wiped out
He went on to brag about that he got this bases banned and players due to them having the best loot and materials at there mainbases

Did they log in yesterday (Saturday) after server reset and their bases were still there, then at some point during the day the bases were wiped?

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I belive yes Friday there base was there then yester it was gone

The reason I’m asking these questions is because Funcom does not work on weekends. Unless something has changed.

Normally the action of removing a base(s) happens during normal working hours. Suspensions/bans are input to be effective upon server reset.

Also, any employee of Funcom would have some level of integrity to follow. Him claiming to be sponsored then an admin would be at odds with each other.

Double check to see when exactly their base was removed. On occasion an admin wipe has occurred but the suspension/ban doesn’t take effect until up to 3 days later. Most commonly on server reset of same day the wipe occured though.

Although I am very doubtful of this and I’m only mentioning it as similar things have happened in the past, if he is actually wiping the bases it would have to be through 3rd party. Again, doubtful and I’m saying it only as “thinking out loud” here.

Do as @CodeMage suggested.

I’m so sorry this is happening to you all.


Ok got you sorry i was in a party with the clan he took pictures off on Thursday there base has not been touch but like you said funcom does not work on weekends
My apologies i did get my days mixed up my base was wiped on Wed and I was Banned on Thursday. My friend his base was wipe on Thursday and banned on Friday
Pretty much 70% of the server has a problem with this guy now and we got 50% so far wiped


Please don’t apologize. I was only trying to make sure there were no other anomalies.

Thanks for explaining.

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Twitch I was able to get a video of his twitch now i have to see how i can make it shorter or clip it to when he says how he destroyed my base to get loot and being an admin amd sponsered by funcom

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from the video linked above

48 min14 sec is quite revealing of the motivation of the reports : vengeance

1h25min46sec another motivation for the reports : loot

And here it’s explained as a strategy : 2h57min03 seconds


I just want to highlight this to make one thing absolutely clear: the sort of behavior you describe here is absolutely not Funcom’s official policy in any way.

Most likely, the person is lying and they are not affiliated with Funcom in any way. The other explanation is that they are a Funcom employee abusing their privileges, and idiotically leaving evidence on the internet, in which case they’ll soon be an ex-employee. This is highly unlikely, considering the degree of both malice and stupidity involved, but not entirely impossible, considering how Jack Teixeira exists.

If you could include your video evidence in your Zendesk report, it would make it easier for Funcom to nail the culprit.


I was thinking the same an its just him exaggerating himself i got the clip yesterfay and im gonna send it out today he goes on with his clan mate on how he destroyed my base and he couldn’t belive how much loot he got off of me
Thank you for the reply


BRAZEN FATE is unhinged. He can easily be found on twitch under that name.

BRAZEN FATE got dev wiped himself and deserved it. I still have all of the screenshots I used to report HIS BASES :star::nail_care:

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Hey everyone,

I appreciate the attention. I want to address a few things:

  1. Reporting and Rules: I reported several players because they broke the rules. None of this would have happened if you hadn’t reported me first.

  2. Past Friendship: HPGemini used to be a close friend, but he repeatedly used racial slurs, which I don’t tolerate.

  3. Game Mechanics: It’s not against the game’s rules to engage in combat with other players. If you don’t like being killed by a stronger player, consider joining a PvE-server.

  4. Retaliation: I’m just one player against the rest of you. It’s sad to see how far you’re willing to go. If you attack me, I will retaliate. If you can’t handle that, learn your place and stay out of my way.

  5. Server Tax: I’m imposing a tax on every player on this server: 1000 gold, 1000 silver, 1000 silk, and 1000 alchemical base once a month. If this isn’t met, you will never be safe.

Thank you.

Your beef is with me, you unhinged coward.

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Okay, but none of that is against the rules. I’m not talking about whether it’s right or wrong, or whether Funcom is doing a good job processing these reports, or whether the rules are clear. I’m talking about the original claim:

Does anyone have a timestamp for this? Without that, your only recourse is to keep complaining to Funcom about how the rules aren’t clear and the enforcement lacks transparency.

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There’s is only one advice I can give you…

Stop playing on PvE-C for te following reasons:

  • There’s a lot of crying
  • There is a lot of revenge reporting abuse
  • Its very toxic
  • Its mostly dead

Play on PvE and use the PvP banner for PvP engagement.

Or play on a private server, this is actually not as bad as you might think.

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Yes, play private where you’re at the mercy of one person who can literally just choose not to keep the server running, not pay for it, decide they simply don’t like you, or anything else and boom you’re done. At least on officials your unfair bans only last a finite amount of time :joy::joy::joy:

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