Funcom do something! please

Hi, 2 xCheater clans came to the server after destroying 5 other servers, They run on speedhack and open closed vaults and place bombs inside base after they teleport to beds without breaking walls or anything, they talk in chat blatently and dont care. every server that gets to 35+ players gets the same group of cheaters come and destroy the server.
I am sad because i love this game and most players leave after this and they will not be playing and buying any future content.
and also they buy the accounts at 50c so funcom , you are not even getting money from them buying new accounts all the time if that’s what you are thinking . Really, they make server lag so they can go into mesh . rather make the files on your server and not let players keep them. Battle eye does 0 too.
Also we write to funcom and they never reply back after banning us for telling everyone cheaters are on the server and what cheats they use . we pay money for this game and at least can reply to us when we appeal ban .

I’ll just tell you now that as soon as they see this they will close the thread and tell you to submit a ticket with zendesk. Best advice I can give is to go to a private server. Admins there move faster than funcom ever could because they don’t have anywhere near the amount of people filing grievances. Good luck.

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ARK has the same problem. There are clans that teleport from server to server to wipe all others. Some call that ruling the ARK. So, the problem isn’t isolated here.

True but i did go through channels and they dont reply

Hello @Lilith3 ,

please use the Zendesk Form for this kind of issue.