Is this possible in undermesh

So we have a clan on our server who i have been told use exploits. They hit several of our places. I moved to the most remote, inaccessible, place i could find on the side of the volcano. Only way to it, is a walkway i built next to the green wall. Its so high up it doesnt render in unless ur right on the walkway. Somehow this clan has found this base location already and it hasnt even been up 3 days. Only reason i know they found it and they talk to another clan i talk to and they told them about a base in this location. I moved from the jungle to here.

My question is would it be possible to get under the map and see base locations? Its on an official server. I know from another server i had admin on i could ghost under the map and see stuff without the map hiding things.

Probably saw someone going there

whats with reading the 3rd note?

I dont think you read the original post correctly. I wasnt askin to report/trying to report anything.

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No, this isn’t possible on Official servers, since there are no admins. If you want someone to look below the map for you and you really think they have an undermesh base or are using exploits, report it here (“Exploits”):

Forgive me if I am wrong, but I think maybe your question was misunderstood.
Yes, it is possible that someone could see your base whilst ‘undermesh’.
In my opinion it is far more likely that it was found by someone scouting it.
Also remember “remote” locations are finite, therefore you must expect other players to be aware of them in some instances.
Again as others have said, if you can find evidence of exploitative activity you can report it.
Hopefully you can remain safe in the meanwhile.

ty, as i stated before, i was informed by the previous alphas that this clan used undermesh exploits. Im not too familiar with that kind of thing myself, so i have no idea how what to look for. As far as reporting goes u can only report the location from what ive read, not the players themselves. i know they have a bunch of t3 alters ina part of the map and i was told thats how they enter, idk.

Yes, under meshing is a thing. As far as traveling under the mesh, that is very tricky. It is more likely they followed you or just by happen stance found you. There is no real hidden spots on CE anymore. Between Youtube and streamers, it is just really a matter of how long you stay hidden. Always be prepared if you are trying to stay off the radar to move to another spot.

Rules to staying hidden

  1. Stay away from high traffic areas.
  2. Build small and out of line of sights.
  3. Furnaces and fire bowls give off light, so try and face them as close to in game meshes away from line of sight, as well as minimize torches in your base.
  4. If you are returning home from farming etc. and you feel like you are being followed, then don’t go back to main base. Resources can be replaced, “secret” base location can’t.
  5. If you think you were followed, then assume you were and load up and move, or at least stash your high end loot from offline raiding. Also make sure to have the midnight grove potion pre-made and frozen in the fridge. It is better than a map room (size) and allows you escape if all goes to shiiiit if you are raided.
  6. Don’t put archers or dancers in your base, as well as be very careful of having any fighter thralls that could aggro and start babbling. Good scouts notice these things.
  7. Eventually, give up on being off the radar, and just raid someone. And then build layers on layers on your main base.
  8. Build other “fake” bases as much as possible and use them enough to throw the scent off.
  9. The longer you stay hidden, the more you will piss off the alpha and other OG clans on server. So when they find you, they will come to wipe you off the server.

Lmao you know im pretty tactical and alot of this is common sense, but i have never thought about using the dungeon potion as a quick getaway like that, Thats freakin ingenious. I cant believe i never thought of that.

it has been a fall back since it was released. And now that i have pretty much retired from active warfare, i can freely give away secrets lol.

You forgot to mention unslotting your blacksmiths when you aren’t using them. The noise of the hammer on anvil can also give away a hidden base location. Same goes for carpenters, but they’re a little quieter.

Also, did you tell anyone about your base location? You could have been betrayed. Alphas in particular like to do that. It’s one of the ways they maintain their status.

I once systematically scouted the entire map solo. Took me two afternoons to do it. Found the enemy base on the green wall in the starting area near the sandswept ruins.

If they are patient and systematic they will find you.

No. Only myself and the 2 clan members qho helped build it know of it. The rest of the clan was on another server untill we got set back up.

Yep. Our clan has a motto…“TINK TINK = BOOM BOOM” when scouting.

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… and yesterday the chinese clan found me… I have a new hidden base now.

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