Out of Clan - lost all rights to my base

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [EU]

Yesterday I joined a clan and it seems to have been a big mistake. When I logged in this morning I wasn´t in the clan anymore and I don´t have access rights to whole of my base. After some reading i figured this is even the way it´s meant to be… Like, really?! I rarely write something in forums but this pi***s me off far beyond everything! I didn´t read too much before started playing Conan Exiles as I wanted to explore and experience things in game not google them - but starting anew after a few hundred hours of play because of this, how do I write it nicely, strange approach - which is a paradise for scammers - is out of question. But hey - thanks for giving me more time to do other things^^

This was just the final issue in a long row of bugs which are all pesky, like logging out safe in your home and return without any items on you, and which makes the game next to unplayable alone.

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It’s not a bug, questions about property have been discussed now and then - but alas, it still works in such a way. So you either play solo or make a clan with your friends. Life is hard in the Exiles Lands, you know.

You got jacked the easy way, sorry that sucks man dont ever join a clan once established. For me that would be a challenge to get my stuff back and disturbed some little a holes.

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These are the rules of the game, and you need to know them!

Same thing happened to me on my first server. I was halfway through a second base. I went back to my first base and noticed everything was in the clans name and I wanted nothing to do with that. I erroneously quit and suddenly found myself stuck in my own base. It was PVE so my only option was to pull bracelet to get out. I was so pissed/embarrassed, Started over on a new server. Needless to say, I don’t join anyone.


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