Lost ownership to my building

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I’ve been playing single player in offline mode. I have the Jan 30 patch installed.

I had my 1-man clan set up from the very beginning. All of a sudden my base’s building structures had “No owner” and I couldn’t interact with them unless in Admin mode, where I can still dismantle the pieces. Previously my clan was the owner. I have not left my clan at any point.

I think this might be the last straw. The otherwise great game is so buggy, that it’s unbearable. You constantly lose everything you worked for :frowning:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Augustus, just to clarify, you’ve set up a clan in singleplayer without ever having someone over your session for coop?

And did the base lost ownership on the first time you’ve played on your save after updating?

Hi! Yeah, I created a clan when I first started my Single Player “campaign” just to try what it does. I’ve never had co-op activated, no-one has ever joined or left my clan. I haven’t left the clan myself, either.

After installing the Jan 30 patch, the first playing session didn’t have owner issues, though I died multiple times by “falling throught the world” at that time. The lost ownership -incident occurred the second time I started the game.

I always close by Exit to Main Menu, then hit PS button and close the Conan Exiles app explicitly. Don’t know if it helps, but I read from somewhere that it might help to maintain the progress better :confused:

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Thank you for the additional details, we’ll be sure to relay this information to the developers!

Hi! This “lost owner” case happened again, but not as wide as before: I lost ownership of my Thrall Pot and two chests. Before this happened, I died to “falling through the world” after a dead shaleback fell over me. I didn’t have the admin mode on, which has stopped these random falling deaths from happening.

Also, I’ve disabled the “drop stuff of death” -setting, but I’ve noticed that whenever I die, I lose the new stuff I’vw gathered and spawn with the same inventory I had when the “lost ownership” emerged. Items that I have on my quick inventory wheel (the tool belt, whatever) are stored, even new ones.

I think I’ve had it with this game. This has to be a record-setting game in how many disastrous bugs I’ve faced and forgiven and still continued playing. There is some strange appeal in Conan Exiles that have carried it so far, but in the end this is like some abusive relationships from which I need to cut myself loose.

You are just continuously remedying your bug-losses in the Admin Panel until you just give up, level your character to max, spawn all the gear just to have a look what you could have achieved and forfeit the game :frowning:

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