Lost ownership of buildings


Another return to Conan Exiles, another problem with disappearing buildings. Anybody got an idea what causes this?

  • Played Exiled Lands on PC with a separate private server (a laptop standing besides me).
  • Copied the database to my main machine and continued to play in single player.
  • Quit Exiled Lands in April.
  • Played some Sitpah and Savage Wilds in the meantime.
  • Restarted Exiled Lands yesterday.
  • Now, almost all buildings have lost ownership and despawn just when they come into drawing distance.
  • This happens both when I start the game.db as single player or on the server.
  • Thralls and pets stayed and kept ownership.
  • All equipment is gone; inventory is empty.
  • A few items stay, such as a single altar, some tents and a Wheel of Pain. They show “No Owner”. I assume that they suffer from the same problem, but have longer despawn timers.
  • Pippi shows 0 buildings, 60 Thralls, 18 Pets for the clan.
  • My character is in a clan. I have another character in the same clan with another steam account. If I log in with him, the same symptoms show up.
  • I think I played the same database in single player, too.

I haven’t found a way to claim ownership of all buildings. Mikey’s toolbox had that feature, but is there another method?

Thanks in advance…

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Greetings Khalotep. This has been going on for a while now Im affraid, with no fewer than 10 people, myself included reporting this issue. While the actual presentation and drawbacks seem to vary on a case by case basis, ranging from losing the ability to build there, to losing control of followers, to simple denial of ownership in the messages, it has been going on since early May now. I am still awaiting further clarification as to what the root cause of this is. But in the meantime, I strongly urge you to have a read of my thread below and post your own experiences within.

  1. Damn!
  2. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Not sure if it’s exactly the same problem. It looks similar, but…
  • I have it on PC, not on console,
  • it affects all my bases, some of which are far away from any building blockers, i. e. an empty jungle ruin, a spot near (but not on top) the arena, a spot in the mounds of the dead and the crevice. Especially the latter is far, far away from anything blocked afaik.
    However… the lost ownership part is similar enough. Are there maybe TWO problems going around?
    This is so weird!
  1. Feeling for you. On console, all of this must be even more annoying.
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If you have Pippi installed, look into their bluboard feature. They have a channel with info how to use it in their discord:

Yes i do actually, me and my clan mates have made a report on the official server 3510 we been playing since beginnings, in the last 2 months , we had the same issue, o tho we regenerate our structures , they disappear after 2/3 days and on vacation mode. The report was about a clan ,named Serpent Society, they happened to find a way, to use Altars as weapon on peoples bases, i have proof, its just not words, so most probably you have cheaters on your server, how to catch them? try going on your disappeared structures and play with the proximity bar, if your lucky , you will see what has happen. Before finding evidence, it was just showing me decayed and destroyed by, no name just destroyed by, i have also lost many thralls like that as well. For reasons unknown ,me and my clan mates are all banned and no one has told us why and how long…and YES i have made a report at ZANDESK!!! I hope this helps you to figure out whats going on, at least we have, its not a bug, someone is messing with you! Peace!

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