Buildings and thralls disappear…

Parts of my building have disappeared in the past. Some of my buildings have disappear completely along with supplies left in stations. Now my horse disappeared. Can anyone help? Does anyone know why? Any help would be appreciated🙏🏾


we need more information.

What does the event log say?

Where are you playing single player? or server type?

did you check decay timers?

Did you take a break from the game for more than a week?

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That’s a picture of my event log.
I play single player versus environment.
I have all decay timers turned off.
I play Conan just about every day. It’s kind of a jam, except for when it’s acting glitchy. Thank you for responding so quickly. Sorry for my slow response.

Siptah or exile lands? So far i have this issue only in Siptah.

Go to followers and press triangle button on your horse (if it’s still there). You will see a little eye on the end of the list, right side. Then open your map and your follower (horse) will have a little human indication. Go admin mode, ghost, then open your map, zoom in this indication and press triangle button to teleport exactly on it. If your ghost mode is off from the admin panel, tick it again and go in the mase, your horse is sucked by it, ask it to follow you go again on top and after some meters you will see it walking behind you. Your horse is salvaged.
Visit this topic if you wish and share your issues my fellow exile :metal:.

Thank you very much for the help! Thank you for the detailed instructions. I’ll try this when I get home. I’ll keep you posted.:crossed_fingers:t5:


I’m not a PlayStation player, so forgive me if I misinterpret this.

But it looks as if the submit button hasn’t been clicked in the screenshot to populate the event log?



On PC our Submit is on the lower Right.
But from the picture it looks like lower left on PlayStation.