FUNCOM fix this and maybe server will improve

Hi there can some of admins go and help us with this problem with few clans just spaming land claims and huge bases all over the map i tried to report this to Zendesk but with no luck every time i get this email from it #We currently experience a high number of contacts from our community, and regret not having been able to do an in depth investigation on the issue you reported.
We hope it has already improved on its own.

It can’t be fixed on its own as this few clans just build more and more so pls some of admins go and check “”““Official server 8023"””" few screenshots show that there are even few thrall camps walled off so pls go help us there as when you come close to their bases game will just crash just few examples as i can only post few of them and i have at least 150 other screenshoots of other land claim abuse.


some more land claim on the same server

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Although this is not an issue that will find solution in here your pictures show clearly violation of the rules that’s written in here

Too many spider web land claims. Especially in South of Siptah these land claims are mostly the reason i crash! The South of Siptah MUST gain a “no build grid” so people will be able to build ONLY small outposts there, nothing else.
All the South, not just a part of it. And the radius no build zone from camps must be tripled.

They can also just optimize the game to handle this land claim. Obviously some of it is excessive like the water claim but some of those are just base spots remember benches are massive now so you need sometimes a decent size base to hold all the loot/crafters/etc but I get where you coming from. But I think banning people for playing and making a base is cringe fr


I think you are sort of leaping to some conclusions prematurely here.
You seem to think that the reason these rules for landclaim exist on official servers is to improve performance? :man_shrugging:

No… it’s not that (plus the official servers given where and how they’re hosted will run bad regardless).
The reason these rules exist is to make sure the server is shared as best as it can and it’s not just a handful of people hogging the whole map… That’s it pretty much, the rules have a “social” root and not a “technical” one.

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Pick a different server :man_shrugging:t4:

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They already did, on PlayStation 4 i don’t crash as often as i did. But there are certain spots in each server i participate that i will surely crash. Then again these ways of building somehow affect negative the performance of the game, that’s why they ban for these reasons. You could easily run to a fast conclusion that they ban for their mistakes but before you do, think twice… They already warned you not to build this way in their public servers.

These land claims are enough for decades of decades of working benches for each kind.
People ROLE PLAY on official servers, that’s the correct position and they do very correct.
They have plenty decorative that they paid and want to use, so NOBODY should blame them for this decision. We don’t need to use “wrong” excuses for building bigger, all we need is to say the truth and ask support for it.
Once again, official servers must have 2 different options…
So players will choose the server they wish!

This is if you ask me wrong way to play! We hold literally trash in our chests, things that we can farm very easy and fast. That’s why midnight alchemy should be easy in Siptah too. This community focus more on fights than real needs of the game!
Except if…
There’s already there…
And i missed it…
Or we all missed it…
Or the ones who know keep it for their own…
But i don’t think so!
@zput2bed, i hope you understand that we have no disagreement here, cheers :+1:t6:

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Why is this one here, it doesn’t block access or resources, very easy to get around, in fact it doesn’t hinder or block anything, a lot of what the creater of this thread said is true, there is some blatant hideous land claim going on, where access to resources and such is definitely being blocked, and even an event location is being walled in on the south island, it’s in one of the screenshots actually, but that one I reshared here is not a structure that is causing any trouble, it’s one of the oldest on that server, if not the oldest, and most players who play on that server, know stormguard

And besides if anyone does have a problem with one of our builds they only have to message one of us, Clan draconis

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I’m in 8023 and I’ve tried to report some of those same clans above couple times and got the same message by funcom as you. It’s like they given up.

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That stuff around it counts as “decorative land claim.” It serves no purpose other than to keep neighbors from encroaching. I’ve been guilty of this myself as well. I also got banned and my base wiped due to this and build size… so, yeah, it’s a violation.

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Actually it’s not just decorative, they are light beacons around the base and aid during purge’s when it gets dark, they do have a practical purpose, aswell as being decorative, as I said before, stormguard is not breaking the server rules

My fellow exile!
No player in here can tell you exactly what violation is. There’s a grey area left for a reason we must not know and i am ok with it since i am a guest on their free servers and anything they decide to do with my builds stands ONLY in their opinion and no others!
If they will ban, no matter what your intentions was, you are banned! If you think that what you see is ok then it is, until the ones who owns these servers think differently!
I really hope you are right!

Hi it was my fault that i didn’t put that photos in order and some of them just look as random bases sry for that but if you look photos 2,5,9 it’s 1 base and it has walled off thrall camp with event inside same as other clan from photos 3,10 it’s 1 base (didn’t include more land claim from that base), and i know some of the benches are big but i didn’t put here big bases from the server just few of land claim abuse conected with bases.

Why? why do i need to find new server (i’m on that server from day 1 and have few friends playing there)when some of the clans from photos could just play the game like rest of us no need for land claim abuse.

It doesn’t matter, especially if they’re further from the base. I’m not trying to upset you over this or anything. I’m only stating what I recognize as fact based upon what Funcom has shown in their examples. These “beacons” are a violation and CAN be cause for suspension if someone reports it. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it and no amount of argument is gonna make them change their minds if they suspend the individual. What it really comes down to is the other players on the server. Funcom doesn’t typically act unless someone reports. If you think it’s fine, great. However, if someone else doesn’t and reports them? Well… it’s out of your hands. The best way to handle official servers is to build with the fact in mind that someone may be upset over your build if you build like that. Typically, you just gotta hope and pray that no one gets upset. If you don’t wanna risk it, you build small, build anything extraneous tight to your base, don’t build anything that isn’t needed, and don’t use many lag intensive items. Oh yeah, and absolutely no bridges.

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