Players overbuilt and the admins haven't done anything

Hi there exiles I would like to introduce myself self as a Conan exiles player that loves the game however players are overbuilt on server #2504 and my friends can’t go on a adventure due to players overbuilt and funcom admins haven’t done anything not only that but haven’t investigated it. I’m in full support of the terms of service I don’t overbuilt I have very little compared to some of the clans on this server so I’d like you to know this is only some images I’ll share to you that apparently are against funcom’s terms of service

I will be getting more for later use but on average this player or players have built so large it is so laggy at the location of their base and nearly build up to 30 thousands build prices. I hope that funcom actually does something about it because quite frankly if hay can’t stick to there own rules then something needs to be done about the company.

Yeah one of GBshaun’s friend’s and fellow exile on the server, and would like to clarify that it’s not just a lag issue but a render issue as well. Some of the places not only can i not physically get near due to the lag but it actually causes some of the world map to not render in resulting in some…odd happenings.

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I heard they have 780 servers. So if there is a dude designated to act as admin/moderator and he works 8 hours a day, he would have to visit 98 servers per hour to check them all. Impossible task.


Thay should have gotten more people to work for them due to the fact that thay preach there terms of service and do not act on them. I would have appreciated a email saying we are busy we will get to it but nothing for 1 month it is terrible that I bought this game and battle pase and with the preorder stuff as well and Thay have been improving the service which we pay for but to be Frank Thay need to add a actually build limit per clan so you can’t go past it and not cause huge server lag. But thanks for your input Thay just need to get more involved because we payed for this.

No admin abuse on official :smile:

Now if it was a PVP server and your clan could report that, funcom admin would been all over it like fur on a gorilla.

Keep reporting it, encourage fellow players to do the same.

There is on PVP. Seems mass reporting gets a summery action with no investigation. I could be wrong but a funcom rep can feel free to set me straight.

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