Conan exiles players overbuilt on official servers

Hi there I am a Conan exiles player with 2600 hours on my current account on official server #2504 there is clans that are overbuilt infact so bad most players struggle near there base because it is so bad and laggy
So me and my friend made a small Livestream to the company please tell free to watch it.Twitch


If you haven’t already, hit the main menu, request help, and put in a ticket. Funcom can’t do anything about it, a complaint has to be registered with screenshots to Zendesk.

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I did infact funcom in the past 30 days haven’t removed any of the players that has overbuilt the server ping for me average in 150 because am further away but for my friend that are close to the server is 100ping and normally it was 60 but apparently funcom doesn’t stick to there own rules Thay put in place

These are just some pictures of people that have officially built over 25000 build pieces on official servers and mostly many players can’t go near there because they lag out

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I forgot to add the ping for me right now is 200 and no it isn’t my Internet down speed because my current down speed in 116 Mbps and the server lag isn’t improving any it is just getting worse

Good luck. My XBox official server has similar structures all over it, and the zendesk reports just get ignored. The kicker is that half of the owners of these structures don’t even play in the server anymore, but they have been refreshing them for a year plus.

It’s gotten so bad that the daily server restart takes about and hour, and sometimes it has to restart a second time.

The problem is that most of the XBox servers are like this. One one them even had pit traps for newbies to fall in (open buildings with anti climb.)

But yeah, if it’s a pvp server, that’s a different story.

The end goal is they want you to rent a server. I would do that, but G-Portal is expensive trash. If I had more options I would do it.

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Hey that’s my base! Thanks for doing a twitch vid, I’ve meant to get around to doing that but been so busy unfortunately. I didn’t see a base tour on your channel, I was hoping one was there so I could get some expert lag-free base design advice. Though, now that I think about it my base doesn’t actually lag for me, or any of the clan members :thinking:? Perhaps you’re thinking of "Conan and Chill’s base over at A/B 8, now that’s a base that crates some lag not only to how large it is, but how densely packed/decorated it is. I noticed your video showed my teleporter over there, but I must correct your video as those are not my cages. I moved to PVE to get away from grown children on the Conflict server I was on, and here we go again.

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Infact hold on I just had to read this my friend is to busy being a keyboard warrior infact there is a method to lag free mostly comes down to space and the same build materials so all the same things and space is key I actually have good experience rather my clan members would just gotten me banned basically the easiest way is to have space between all work stations and no overlap so don’t put them so close to the wall and you can check by teleport back or riding on horse back to your place as fast as possible to see what takes longer to render in and what ever parts take longer it generally needs to be not so close to the wall or not so close to each other and the same with wall placement like torches and heads I found one wall that I need to fix as it takes 6 seconds to render in which means I’ll have to move my box and furnace back a little but if all spaced out a foundation apart and only have the necessary boxes you need not over the amount and as of making it nice you can but if you use the larger building prices meaning your overall owned building prices will be lower as well saving your clan build prices so you can have more teleporters on the map i have 1559 ill reduse that by building storm glass rosewindow ill have 130 less after that and more space between large things small things are normally not to much of a issue just larger and overlapping boxes and things being in contact with the walls