Official Server #1029 (presumable ALL Official Servers) VERY Bad Performance!

I already reported some Zendesk Tickets a Week before you wrote this message and many more until now!
But as there is only an “Automatic Responder” it is VERY CLEAR no one care about it ^^

I’m here again! :smiley:

But first:
This is the “Official Forum” for the Video Game Conan Exiles, right?
It is you’re JOB to worry about the Game and there Players, right?
And the Server is a Part of the Game, right?

So for Short, as you said:
It is NOT your task to care about broken Servers and as a result of it an unplayable Game, right?!

So WHY an Official Forum then?

The Problem is still a VERY BIG thing as you can see in the screenshot:

Players “just” 31 out of 40, Server FPS at 3, Ping 500+
And BTW this is NOT the worst case! :wink:

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The same thing is still happening on other servers a month later.

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Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for reaching out to us. However, Cattibria’s message is correct, any reports on server downtime or performance issues need to be sent to Zendesk.

The report will trigger not only the auto-reply message to you but also trigger internal checks and if needed we might contact G-portal as well. The automated process is in place to help us address issues faster, but not fail-proof.

We will keep working to improve our service, but reporting on the correct channels is crucial to activating the proper processes.

We hope this clarifies the matter a bit. Have a great week!