Looking for fun and decent server

I have played Conan for a couple years on and off. Watched quite a few playthroughs. I really enjoy the game. Been binging it for the last month. I’m not much of a pvp player because most of the time the alpha clans wipe you on day one without giving you a chance to start I’m a solo player. I would like to join a server. But with all the toxic alpha clans out there what would be the point? Can anyone point me in the direction of a pvp server that’s fun and not toxic? I’m looking for ones that have restrictions on clan size. Like three or maybe four per clan. That way ten people on one server don’t wipe out the server with their no life gaming. Also looking for a little realism where most of the rates are 1 or 2. Not like ten times XP bonus or ten times harvest rate. But something that actually makes people work to grow their character. I understand the concept of pvp. But hate it when five people in great armor jump a guy in a loin cloth. What’s the point of that? So hopefully there is someone who can point me towards a fair legal fun server. Thanks all.

I too would like to find a server like that, i play with my brother on an official server right now, first time playing on an official server, it is a pve - conflict and i would like to go more pvp with some limitations to experience more of the game. i really like conan exiles and would like to get more out of the game. Any help is appreciated.

Highly suggest joining the facebook groups for Conan Xbox. There are a myriad of servers advertised daily

I run a rp server if interested:)

Sort by server population… 2575 is always relatively populated!

2880 for both pvp and gaming