Players Blocking Spawns/Cave entrances

So can players be reported for blocking Metal spawns and Cave entrances on PVE?
I am just wondering

They should be, I’m amazed that funcom hasn’t responded to this major flaw, it’s embarassing.

I’m guessing the game had pve in alpha as well?

It blows my mind that they haven’t done anything to prevent pve griefing like this yet, shouldn’t even have to happen, they should have realized it before they released the ■■■■■■■■ game.

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I have not advanced enough in the game to have access to more distant and important places on the map - even now because it is very difficult to connect to my server - but I understand that this type of attitude could even be punishable. Of course, preventing key areas from being built would be simpler. Wanting to monopolize or prevent other players in a coop game from having access to other areas, resources or spawn sites is dishonest. I’ve only been through this kind of problem in Minecraft for years, but I see that old habits have to be watched.

u also should add the people that block off the rivers to this

Block off rivers hah, they take entire regions for themselves by placing pillars everywhere, they claim land they’ll never use, how can one clan fill the entire forest area?

There’s no sense in it, if they wanna show dominance they should play on pvp, and if they want an insanely huge base that renders a region their own, they should play single player or rent their own server.

These griefers are griefing just to grief, because they’re grade a a holes.

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