They built a wall

Not sure if this is where I would post this or what can be done. I play on Xbox official pvp 2803. The “alpha clan” has built a black ice wall around sepemaru city and it is impossible to pass. It’s blocking access to journey steps. They have also managed to block most end game content behind walls and an insane amount of pets. Like I said not sure if anything can be done but some help would be greatly appreciated.

well, on our server we had 2 clans like that. not that bad but blocking a few spots. one was nice enough to open a gate permanent oder delete some of there wall after we talked to them just being friendly. the other one wasnt that nice. it wasnt near my base or anything i needed. i just heard they started a little “war”. like killing there npcs with worldbosses (pull them there). i really dont like that method but blocking things is a really annoying thing in conan… i dont know if admins or someone like that can do anyhing, i would try to talk to them, although i think they will not listen when they blocked that on purpose

Well I guess it’s trebuchet gorilla warfare… Weeeeeee!

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At least it’s a PvP server, so… blow it up! (easier said than done I know)


Yep, I don’t mind pvping. Most alpha (most not all) take it sooooo personally if you attack a wall in the middle of nowhere. But the way I see it is, it’s not any fun if you own the whole server and no one wants to play on it and you don’t let anyone build up for a decent fight. That being said. Building around teleport spawns and dungeons so no one else can enjoy the game is childish…


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