Greifing on official servers what's considered rule breaking

I’ve been playing on an official server on Xbox and over the past week the alpha clan has attacked my base non stop from PvP time to end with me and my clan mate repairing and defending all night they’ve yet to get into our base but have dropped 3 gods now I’m all for raiding it’s what PvP is all about the issue I’m having is this clan has now built multiple vaults and building structures right in front of my house they even built a big wall to the point where we could get out of the base with out trying to climb a cliff and they would kill us instantly so now it’s limited us to building any more defense cause they have taken the land I threatened to report and guess that scared them they pulled the whole wall down but now I get on today and they’ve built a trebuchet tower out front and more building this will be day 5 of attempting to defend tonight my question is would this be a violation of the official servers or does Conan allow clans to build like that?

Screen shots of their building to prevent your building and report the using Zendesk. That is against the ToS. Outside of that, there isn’t much you can do and the issue with alpha clans in general. New folks coming in don’t have a chance if the alpha is entrenched and active.

The other thing you can do is move to a hidden spot to regroup and rebuild. Big hint, don’t use YouTube for base location…that a spot that is public now. Scout and find something no one else does or hasn’t done for years. Message me if you want some other pointers more specific.


In my experience a clan so hell bent on the offensive forgets all about defence. Farm up a god token and go on the offensive. Give them a little pause for thought. The best defence is often a good offence.


You TOTALLY need to win an award for the longest run-on sentence ever posted in this forum!


You’re not wrong there boss

I appreciate the response haha I mean we’re built in one of the popular spots right now but I’m sure everyone’s referencing smskcntr videos on YouTube. shoot me a message let me know of some spots you like I’ve always been a crevice guy but a little hesitant to build there nowadays

Hello @BoomBoomBro ,

please use the Zendesk Form for this kind of issue.


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