Reporting a clan who is preventing players from playing the game and made the server theirs


Hi , i would like to report a clan called Legends/rotules and Fury who play on official server #3112 these guys team up and destroy every one on the server they don’t let you build in specific places cause they come attack, they are the alphas on the server and they abuse game mechanics and glitches harass and bully everyone who joins on the server, me and my mates where being constantly attack since day 1 on the server and for them to stop attacking us they demanded that we get resources for them so the attacks stop and so we did but they still came and wiped us , they have done this to other clans as of today one of my mates got contacted by another player who had the same problem with them and they have done the same to them as they did to us , if you need further details i will do my best to provide it.


There are no rules against being an alpha and by the sound of it they are just playing the pvp game, they don’t have to be nice to you and only raid you when you are ready for it. It comes with the fact that the servers never wipe so the players who stay get richer and stronger by the day. Team up with the rest of the server and beat them if you can. If you can’t, time to move on to another server.


The most of us started with a „unraidable“ sandstone base wich disappear after the first 4 jars…
Lean out of it .
Get better .
Grow up .
And become an alpha on this server …

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We all understand your frustration but your playing on a pvp server, those types of people are to be expected. You might have a better time going to a pve server. Conan is a great game, dont let a bunch of aholes ruin your experience. You only have 3 options really.
1 Go to a different PVP server
2 Rent your own server, make your own rules and ban who ever you please
3 Go to PVE

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If you can’t, time to move on to another GAME.

There i fixed it, because PVP is broken in the game to a point of no return i am afraid.

Its either a new game, or just play PVE until you realize even those officials are toxic player wise, and way too easy PVE wise. Then move to another game.

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