Cheating/Bullying clan

Can i ask how does Funcom deal with players/clan who cheats/discriminate against other players. I play on an official server and been there a while and love it ad i met lots off new friends there. The so called alpha clan are making life unbearable for new and current players. Building around Oblisks so u cant get out. Monitoring brimstone lake’s and killing anybody going in there. Just killing any noobs or destroying stone bases as the trying to gain level. And abusive messages. Saying to leave server or get smashed every day. Does players like this actually get banned from servers or dont anyone care due to many servers.

That sounds like you’re everyday PvP to me. Which is all well within the rules.

Surely they are “no lifers” with the time to do all that, but even so,
they can’t be everywhere all the time.

Surely you can band with some of your friends and take em out. Hiding out while raising power shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
In my experience, those alpha clans tuck their tails as soon as someone shows em teeth.
Just like in real life :slight_smile:

Sadly no they dont your best bet is to ban together and wipe them out if you want a good server friendly helpful its official pvp with some Rp in there 3566 you can build without the bother and if you get bothered shout out myself and the 2 alphas will make sure they comprehend the situation. I am usually solo but now am looking to expand . If you decide to come over I am Ganjika_420 you will start your levels over but you will not be naked nor hungry lol. I can even throw you the t3 mats so you guys could build a little something to get you started with a vault and some caravans and of course legendary tools. Anything you need I’ll be around.

Come to 3526, we the alphas, we don’t attack unless we get attacked, will help you build up.

Yeah. A sandbox where PvP is allowed means there will be people who use that opportunity to murder everyone in sight.

If you don’t want to play PvP, join a PvE server instead.

I get a feeling that some people joining PvP servers are under the illusion that they will be the ones crushing their enemies, seeing them driven before you and hearing the lamentation of your women, rather than the other way around. But unfortunately, there’s always someone stronger, tougher and more experienced than you out there. They’re just doing unto you what you’d be doing unto them if they gave you the opportunity to grow.

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