Need an 'alpha' clan to come contest with some bullies


On official server 3835 on ps4, there’s a tribe with 3-6 active players at a time named ‘Lucifer’s Army’ who are out of control. After the previous alpha clan raided 4 of Lucifer’s bases in their war, Lucifer’s resorted to camping obelisks, rampant offline raiding and use of exploits to sneak into player’s bases and steal things after raid time. The old alpha basically gave up after a certain point and quit because they didn’t have the time or spirit to deal with them, they did however have more than enough resources, which they hopefully dumped before quitting for good.

My part in all of this is that i’m in a small clan with my brother and his wife, and whereas we’re not lacking in skill, we don’t necessarily have the resources or enough time to fight them off due to work and familial responsibilities. Not to mention the fact that we got reset by them simply because they thought I could be a threat and didn’t trust us even though we’ve never done anything to them prior to defending ourselves.

Now they’ve begun the process of trying to block off obelisks and and dungeons/resources such as the shattered springs, scummy things I haven’t heard of happening since the early days of conan. I’m going to continue to try and resist them and make their conquest difficult, but would like to reach out and see if any hardcore players would want to come in and tip the scales and beat down Lucifer’s Army. I have information on the location of most of their bases as well as their playstyles, and am willing to give a boost to get you started if needed.

Change server honestly if they have no one to bully your already winning let them play on a server with no one playing

Yeah, I hear ya, we considered it. At the rate they’re going, they will be alone on the server, but new players keep joining the server and I feel bad for them as well.