PvE Servers and Passages/Caves

Is there nothing to be done, report, or anything about someone on a PvE Official server blocking passages, cave entrances, etc etc. Since its PvE we cant destroy the buildings and some guy is taking up to small passages to get through, blocking some lore books, journals, and such. Can this be reported? Can it be dealt with? I know ARK has a PvE Rule system where if you report it an admin will look at it and destroy it if it is actually blocking off paths.


bumpign to hopefully get an answer

This has happenned on our server. By the look of things they have blocked off a cave by the river to the west of the sinkhole where a ghost led you to a chest behind a boulder. At least it was there in ea. Can’t get in to find out now.

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Sounds crappy. I wondered if/when this sort of thing would happen when I started to go out and explore the world. I wonder if you play on a private server what kind of powers the admin has to combat this sort of thing? On an official server I can’t imagine Funcom has the staff to handle it.

Theres no code of conduct on officisl pve or report system where admins will take action, as ark recently added (afaik).

Anyway I reccommend you all to post SCREENSHOTS of the blocks, devs check this forums and try their best on fixing stuff

I think we are on the same server, official 1930? I know the EXACT spot you are speaking of, and it’s definitely a d!ck move on their part. I’m really new, but I’ve read about the purge, and I hope we can tear this selfish person up somehow. Anyhow, I’ll be doing as they said and posting screen shots.


I’m on 1950 so there must be many dicks.
Would be a great spot to build too.
Just flips up the journey for every one else.
Think I’m going to protest with about 100 placards at there front door.

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no im on 1729, these two areas im talking about are just west of the black galleon near that little oasis where a skeleton chest is

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That’s supposed to have a giant boss croc guarding it.
Might be that dude on here complaining that the giant croc keeps spawning inside his house.

lol no im not the one complaining about a croc spawning in my house

Found more like this on #1930. Took screenshots to present later. I really hope they’ll address this. If not, it’s tempting to play the jerk game and wall THEM off, but somehow that seems to just add to the problem long term.

So what is this purge or whatever? Do buildings reset every week or something?

This. Wouldn’t be a problem on pvp server, but on a pve server it’s ridiculous. Someone wasn’t hugged enough as a child I suppose.

Should have seen the huge verbal brawl that broke out launch night on 1950 over some ■■■■■ walling off the only silver spawn at rhino ridge.

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