Pvp server raiding WALL-IN

Is this consider against the rules? They are not block they can remove bracelet, use midnight potion or jump in with a transport follower.

Also this is to prevent them from running away with loot. After the war finish it will be picked up.


That you even have to ask if this is ok, is a shame!


Its war…maybe we should get of gods, trebs that and daggers those are shameless.

I guess your base was never one shotted before by a god and bedroom is gone and loot bags everywhere. At least they have a fighting chance.

Shameless apparently you never been offlined, god hit, treb hit, backstab or insided.

We might as well make a rule that states you must declare war before attacking and give one week notice. Otherwise it is consider shameless to attack.

P.S. they started the fight

You do realize light fixture 5 foundation away from base is bannable which no one would considet that to be. It is better to ask a question then not asking at all. I have yet to hear a reply from admin group.

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I never understood why so many people put their "hidden"bases up in that mountain side. It’s like one of the first places people scout. It’s about as hidden as behind the Highway cave.

Oh and yes it’s is against the ToC as it “Abuse of the claim system where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other players’ access to resources and building spots.”.


Is there a point in asking this? If it’s truly just to prevent them from running away with loot, you can raid them and get rid of the wall in less time than it would take Funcom to even see the report.


Problably not but just curious of admin response like this is a war tactic.

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The bold part will always be a glaring weakness of this particular language in the TOS. @Outcast3rd is making the claim that the wall serves a PVP utility purpose, I think. No clue what @Umborls or their team’s stance would be on this, I’ve mostly given up on making sense of the TOS at this point.


We just found out they were server transfer hitting bases with duplicating bombs. They no longer can do that so they popcorn everything inside. They were hitting several friendly clans.

Personally, I don’t see the problem with PVP structures especially if they are temporary. Looks to me like they could just climb out via the cliffs if they had a mind too. That being said, my opinion on the matter is as useless as anyone else’s. Hopefully you get an answer that doesn’t leave you with more questions, but I doubt it.


I dont think its against any rules,not spam blocking just a wall around your base. However it stops no one. You can climb around the ends and get in easy. Raise the walls higher on the sides, Finish the wall in the back and leave it, that`s my opinion.

The way they re built. They re probably new . They probably will never play the game if they re banned over this. This is why this game is so unplayable

I think yes, if an “admin” sees this they will be forced to wipe it and maybe ban you. It’s a large structure with no purpose and it’s intent can’t be determined by looking at it. So the assumption will be that’s it’s “land claim” as defined and exemplified by Umboris. And this may be especially so because you have been banned in the past and AFAIK they do indeed keep a history or a profile.

I have a problem with your justification of your actions. It seems to me you try to legitimize a clear violation of the tos by making it sound that you are the good guy in this scenario while the other clan, well is obv. the bad. I don´t see that at what you describe of the situation so far and here is why:

While it is a good thing overall that people on that server seem (your say) to be less hostile, there is no rule in pvp that states, that you can not or should not raid friendly people. Beeing friendly may safe you from some raids, it doesn´t nec. prevents them or makes a raid less legitimate nor does it turn the raider into an evil monster.

The same goes for server transfer. Get this system abused? Yes, yes for sure. But as long as servertransfers are an legitimate option in the game, using this option doesn´t make you or your clan evil either. A lot people use server transfers after raiding regularly. I doubt that this people see themselfs as bad. They just do what the game offers them legitimately. If Funcom wouldn´t want you to have that option you wouldn´t be able to use it in their game.

Do I like bodyvaulting, serverhoping, or exessiv raiding? No. But: as long as people are using this things in a legitimate way they are not doing something illegally and therefore there is no reason to go rampant on them. Walling in somebody is cheap, it is hostile and only shows that you can not really handle that people so you need to come up with some shady stuff to annoy them. And its nothing more then that. You are simply annoying and trolling this people in the hope that they will quit the server and move on. Sorry to say that, but what you are doing is not only against the tos, even on most private servers such beh. is forbidden, but its also frowned upon among most in the pvp community. Like I said it shows the lack of confidents on your side to beat them legal, means raiding each other like we suppose to do.

If you do not like what they do on the server, raid them until they move on. If they do something against the tos, report them. Can you not beat them by yourself, try to make alliances. If you can´t beat them move on. Do not get into the shady stuff just for your ego. It will not does you any good.

Your need for attention is overwhelming…

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You are right it is pvp and this is a pvp move. It is similiar as building a treb to wipe them. What is the difference if both were tactics used in history? Cesar used this tackle but he had double walls.

It’s not even remotely the same as a treb. A treb is an offensive placeable, walling people off is exploiting the build system to siege a player. There is no way for FC to know the intent is temporary or long term and the purpose is the same regardless…preventing another player from leaving the area. Its wrong and it doesn’t matter if it’s been used since 2017.

Now functionally, it’s difficult to enforce as the report will show the wall off area and when they investigate to confirm and it was removed, then I doubt they will do anything.

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Do you hear yourself? Walling off a player to SIEGE and a treb is not meant for a siege?

Might as well tell the history they are wrong for their tactics.

Walling off, triggers the TOS ‘useless build’ other than to block people, can’t you read?

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“by an army”…not ‘by a foundational wall’.

It states no other purpose than to block resources or building spots. Cant you read?