I reported an opposing clan for walling off my base and the admin deleted it along with my entire base

An opposing clan walled off my base during the day. The wall was unclimbable. I put in a support ticket for abuse. The wall encompasses my base and the npc camp next to it. The base was built on top of the lake at Scryers Heights (L9/M9). The issue was closed and I did not get any explanation why my base was also removed.

This is on official Siptah PvP.

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Did you give them the name of the clan and/or members? Also, did you have any excessive land claim or anything that might cause them to punish you as well?

I just added the pictures. I gave them the clan name and Funcom IDS of the two builders.

If I recall correctly, this is a point of interest and I believe a giant spider boss? You may have more than likely killed a spawn and/or blocked a POI. Those are both violations of rules for official. That being said, building a wall around a base on PvP can just be destroyed. Same with your base if they don’t like it. So… something here doesn’t add up.

There is not a boss here. I did not cause any mobs to despawn with the base. I’m trying to figure out if I violated the TOS or if the admin just made a mistake.

Unlikely a mistake was made if you gave the name. I’m not 100% certain what could have happened though, so I’m not gonna make any assumptions. Did you have any other locations or claimed areas on the map that may have been in violation?

Before they walled you off, was it possible for players outside your clan to have Scryer’s Heights marker added to their map, or did your base cover it and make the discovery impossible?

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This is exactly what I was talking about. That’s a POI. I took his response to mean he knew what he was doing… maybe not?

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Thanks for making my day.

You probably got banned along with them due to blocking a “POI”.

Don’t think you should be banned for it tho, if people want to unlock a little marker on the map, don’t think a PVP server is where they belong. Let’s just wipe someones entire progress, countless hours and ban them because of it :smile:

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The POI activates at the npc camp. I just tested it on SP. That’s not the reason. The wall was blocking the POI, not the base.

I’m glad I made your day.

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Welp, that was the only theory I had.

Unfortunately, Funcom is most likely not going to explain why exactly they deleted your stuff. However, you should definitely most definitely try asking them via a Zendesk ticket.

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Well in that case it just shows how inexperienced Zendesk are when handling reports. Have people with no game sense or strings attached removing people’s bases with hundreds and thousands of hours playtime. You did get a ban with this right?


No ban for either myself or the opposing clan. They were there when it got deleted. The placeables were not deleted so they got to loot anything in benches and containers.

Did this happen today?

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Not going to lie that’s very surprising considering the ban meta. This was definitely a good laugh when I seen the title but feelsbadman. Have a good day.

not surprised one bit. better hurry up and start bodyvaulting anything you have left because your suspension will kick in at server reset. more than likely you’re getting a two week vacation from officials


Oh, I had no dog in this race till now, that is just wrong. It’s not your place to tell others how much of a completionist they can be. The server type makes 0 difference.

When I first read this I thought this was PVP justice. I read enough about it. The opposing clan rather then report you for blocking a POI decided to try to force you out. So the OP reported them and got caught in his own violation.

Just more fuel for the need of rule changes, better POI no builds, and warnings.

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Definitely submit a zen desk ticket and tell us what they respond with (if they respond before this thread gets locked for inactivity in a week or so).

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This thread will be admin closed soon for sure