Players Abusing the Land Report system, and lazy Devs

Me and my friends have recently purchased Conan, we were enjoying it, we had built a nice looking base and built a wall around it, This wall was only 6 foundations high and had fences at the top.

We had built said wall because our neighbors had came and try to kill us, luckily PvP was not enabled at the time, but we were warned by a random passing through not to make the wall TOO big, and informed us not to block any form of content of the game, and we did NOT, there was a boar boss outside our gates, and even a small camp of thralls, both these things were accessible to ANYONE passing through.

Come Sunday afternoon were doing our business, we had started building separate homes inside the walls as all 7 of us had been living in one single house together. I was headed up to my altar at the time and saw a person on a rock that was inside our base, I approached and asked “Can I help you?” the person Named Cloudy responded “No I was just seeing how much of an eyesore you made this place”, It kind of annoyed me but I blew it off, I told him “Okay, any other reason you’re here besides to poop on the base?” and he said “Just resetting timer and saw this eyesore”, he soon left after.

Come Monday Morning I’m told by a friend that the base is gone, just gone, everything we owned is now non existent, all that’s left are our floating thralls and items that were not on foundations or ceilings , so we ask the server how often does this happen, they said it just happens at random, no warning, no form of notice before deletion, it just gets deleted.

So we form ideas on why this happened, first idea was the wall was too big, because we knew it wasn’t blocking anything besides our builds, but then we realized the height and size didn’t matter cause there’s a base with even higher walls and area coverage then ours, and it still exists. Our conclusion came down to that we were reported and acted against with no knowledge we had done wrong, we don’t know who reported us, it could’ve been Cloudy, or someone random early on into our time on the server.

I get on today at 8:49 AM and come to find out I am now banned as well as my friend for “Blocking resources” even though all we had in our base walls was a couple of rocks and trees, which there is plenty of outside our walls.

Me and my friends believe the actions taken against us were unfair and lazy, no warning from an Admin, no notice of deletion before it happened, nothing to prepare us to lose 50 hours of work.

This all happened on the PvE Conflict Server #1518, we were built on grid H8 just right across the river south of the island. I wish I could include pictures of our base before it was deleted, and after pictures, but I cannot access the server until the 24th.


Hello @VoidV3nom ,

please use the Zendesk Form to apeal a Ban.

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