Can FUNCOM community ban players for killing other players on PVE-C?

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So topic is the question, cause recently I and other guys on the server we play were arguing about Funcom BANs, and these people were threatening me to report for “harassment”, cause I kill other players in PVP-time at official PVE-C server we all play.
Is this possible? Can they BAN you for playing and killing!?

But they claimed IF many people from that server will write some kind of petition, it can result in BAN for me, cause this can be viewed as “harassment” by Funcom community managers…

They can’t ban you unless you break the rules. They can cry all they want, it will never happen.


No, killing during pvp time is the reason pvp time exists. You did nothing wrong.

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Well, thanks for answer, godly. They sure cry alot and throwing many insults in my address then getting killed. Yet I didn’t get official response from Funcom community managers I also wrote to.
I wonder, maybe they can ban players for insulting other players if screenshots are provided to them? I’m not doing this personally, but if killed/crying players are starting to insult me in chat and I answer them the same way, can they report me for “insults” to Funcom managers and will it be a reason to ban me or not?
Asking here cause didn’t get any answer in PM from Funcom community managers yet…

Tnx for answer aleetoo, but they sure think I did something wrong!
They call it “HARASSMENT” :slight_smile:

Why don’t u play in pvp? :wink:

Don’t have that much time.
Playing on PvP demands much more time to protect your own base and raid enemy bases.
Why you care?

I provided screenshots of a player stalking my fiance and using her name as a clan name and to threaten me with and he still didn’t get banned so your safe :ok_hand:

But he did get banned for mass spamming so I guess that’s a plus…

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As this is a forum topic, did i touch a nerve?

PVE-c was non existent. pvp & pve where.

We (the pve players ,- I believe it still was in EAtime) asked for the pvp-c version, gifting us the opportunity to have some combat in pve - but in arena style, friendly.

It was based on - we dind’t like the gods. privates were about all “no gods”

Pve-c filled that niche.

We never counted on the fact that half of pvp “losers” came in pve-c and ruined the idea, resulting in the pve-c servers are flooded with grievers and harrasment.

And with losers is ment - players who can’t cope with real pvp. In pvp they where dealt with in one session. 2 cts :smiley:

They’re wrong, you’re safe, that’s not harrassment like blowing up someones base on raid hours neither.

This was not the topic, but anyway, are you satisfied with my answer? :slight_smile:

Banned for spamming in chat, correct?
That’s weird, how they can decide if it’s a spam or long conversation?
Surely this community function by anarchy “rules”.

PVP losers, really? You crazy?
I already told you I DON’T HAVE THAT MUCH TIME to play on PvP servers, but I like PvP fights in Conan Exiles, you think that “makes” me a PvP loser!? REALLY?

I personally think, players like you should play on PvE servers (fight friendly on the arenas, you welcome), not PvE-C, so why don’t you? :slight_smile:

Hey buddy I dont think he meant it in a bad way, I think he meant the losers, as in, the people who cry because they are getting killed, if they were on pvp servers, they’re base would be wiped and they would have nothing left to cry over. To answer your question, you’re fine in terms of harassment, although I have seen occasions where people got insulted, then threw insults back resulting in themselves getting banned. So I am not sure I can give you a 100% answer to that question

Dude you don’t join pve-c servers to fight.

Fight in pve-c means pve with some combat to be enjoyed wich was intended to be in arena’s , not sneak up on (pve) players minding their own bizz, with attributes set to farm.

Players in pve-c are focussed to building and some RP and mainly fun without the tensed agressive attitude you so obviously carry.

In pvp any player is on edge and dressed to kill thats a totally different world.

Your tone of voice and agressive stance totally correpsonds with the grievers on Pve - c.
Ive seen my share in the years, you made an account here 15 hours ago, only posting asking if you prone to trouble.

How bout inviting the player who call you haresser, to give his view on the matter inhere.
If you are an oke dude you wouldn’t even worry.

Im a peacefull pve-c player with some hours on my slate btw.

Why? If you want to spar in an arena, why not go to a PVE server, build an arena, plop down a Battle Standard, and have an awesome time?

Okay, but why? Why is it griefing or harassment to attack someone unprovoked on a PVE-C server?

I’ve seen my share of griefers and harassers on PVE-C over my 3k+ hours in the game, and the problem with them was never the fact that they attacked unprovoked. The problems would come later, when they called people names in global chat for running away, or when they spammed sandstone over resources, or bricked up dungeons and passages, or walled in other people’s bases.

Those were usually people from PVP servers with PVP mentality, who couldn’t cut it on PVP servers, so they came to harass PVE-C players.

But if you just attack people who cross your path – especially if it’s in an NPC camp or a resource-rich area – there’s no reason to think it’s harassment. You can see it as competing for resources. Granted, resources are ridiculously easy to get, but PVE-C is supposed to have “conflict”. If you just want sparring, we have Battle Standards for that now.

Joined PvE-C exactly to fight. Not to craft jars or destroy bases 24/7.
Now you will be telling me what for I joined PvE-C server? Really? :slight_smile:

Thanks for tip, halk. I will have that in mind next time.

Nah, i’m also a peaceful player who prefers PvE-C servers, as PvE only servers bore me and PvP server are too competitive, i like the middle ground
PvE-C is meant to have PvP without the risk of somebody blowing up you base while you sleep. PvP is by no means an infraction to server rules, it’s actually encouraged, but players read only PvE and forget about the C.
I said it once, PvE-C servers should be renamed Players vs. Player - Casual (PvP-C), because if you really want to have just a relaxing time with you building pieces and capturing thralls you should go to PvE only servers, There you can craft and place PvP banners for duels in arenas without the risk of losing anything.
PvE-C servers are meant to have the danger sensation that somebody could show up just to kill you anytime in pvp hours, which in my opinion should be 24/7.
Now, if this guy is not letting other players play for whatever reason, that person is just an ■■■■■■■, that doesn’t mean he deserves a Ban, it just means the whole server will take action against him at some point, and i don’t know about you but having the whole server against me is kind off punishing from my point of view.

No it’s not possible, but if you keep harassing people who can’t defend themselves and get into their play of insulting each other they may have some material to take action against you, so i suggest to keep to yourself whatever you want to say to them.