What's the limit until a clan be banned (official PvE server)

I know Funcom does not take action against players (for default) in official servers, even if they are destroying other players game experience. But is there a limit? In the server I play (PvE), a clan:

  • They Blocked almost all resources;
  • They Blocked obelisks;
  • They Blocked dangeous entrance;
  • They Surrounded bases with walls to don’t let players to getting in and getting out their own base;
  • They Built foundations all over the map, making lots of areas unbuiltable;

What I want to know is:

  • Did Funcom has ever taken action against any clan in official servers? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS
  • Is it worth making a complaint? Or I’m just loosing my time believing someone wants to help me?

They did ban clans that walled off the starting desert in such a way that new players did not even get to the ‘noob-river’.

funcom anser in a nutshell

  • not happy on how its happening? find a new one
  • theres thousand of other servers to go play on, even if it means you have to start from ground up.
  • not happy about the management of pve pvp pve-c servers? spend 120 bucks a year and become the owner of your own private server. that way you can manage who does what
    -if you should find a proof of hacking ddos or griefing you must sypplu a 4kd hdr video in vr of everything you have witnessed and send it via mailbox to their head office in california or oslo. shoudl the video be good proof be patient as to 41days can pass before they consider giving you an answer
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I’ve got a reply after 2-3 days. Asked for some more proof screenshots or videos and will see when i get another reply. I just hope meshers, exploit users and racists gets a ban. These cheating people make more players flee than doing anything good to the game.
But we all still love the game, won’t give up that easy.


undermesher maybe
hackers maybe
racist keep dreaming

Will see. I’ll keep you guys updated.

There are players who claim that they have been banned (of course false positive) for cheating. @Starwalker already mentioned the blocking of the server entrance. And I have read a funcom statement that declared that action will be taken if someone makes a server technically unplayable (by spamming enough building parts to deliberately overstrain the server´s capacity).

That means to my knowledge funcom HAS taken action against players, but not in cases similar to the ones you described.

who knows…

If you answer this way, then you have also to mention that you can run your own server for free (if you have some hardware left).
This is important, because not every company offers such a solution.
I know this is not a perfect solution, but in my opinion always better then to deal with the toxic players on official server.

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cant say i learned long ago that you never argue or fight with an idiot. he //she will sink you to its level and make you look stupid.
thats how i deal with trolls and toxic people. just plain ignore them

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How to ignore a clan that blocked almost the entire map in a PvE server? All I can do is to collect iron and stone near noobie river. Dangeous, obelisks, brimstone, black blood are blocked. And I am luck to have protected my base before they could surround it with walls. Hundreds of sandstone foundations just to avoid them to block my base entrance. What a stupid way to play the game. Saddly, other players left the server because they couldn’t even get in and get out their own bases. And Funcom thinks it’s ok! Unbelievable.

Not on consoles. Can only pay for a G-portal, featureless (no accessing .db) and no mods…so no, console are stuck with sliders only:/

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send an inboc to @Ignasi since the link for griefing leads directly to his inbox. and hope that maybe he will reply.
tryed to report an issue over a year ago, took 41 days to be told my steam screenshots proofs were probably edited, then a newer one 2 weeks ago still no answer

PVE & PVE Conflict need building restrictions. Not saying you cant build a castle but people build so much it makes the server unplayable with lag. It would also stop griefers.

i got 4 super builders on my server, no lag, the strenght of a rig also goes into count when talking about unplayability

Already done.

If this were interesting to funcom, it would be enough to define some clear rules and a team to apply them. But sometimes I believe that Funcom team is there blocking the brimstone lake. Just kidding, community. Learn to deal with irony, please.

now wait and pray to God he doesn’t take 3 weeks to tell you that your proofs are edited or that he doesn’t tell you to start from the ground up somewhere else

let them drown in their own filt. theres more than one pvp server. also fyi 12 a year will get you your own private serer with anti troll and anti toxic player rules. thats whats fc had in mind the whole time

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