Being banned on a server

I recently read a comment about how funcom bans people on official servers. I think the person who posted it missed a couple of important points. No one makes you play official servers. If you have a clan of 10 people, you can rent a private server for little over $2.00 a month per clan member through gportal. There are tons of private servers like mine out there to play for free as well. Private servers have their own rules when it comes to everything from offline raiding to building size. I can tell you that my server has no ban appeal process. If you are banned for rule violations you are done.


The person that posted it was most likely a cheater / hacker. Why would you want a cheater on your private server?


I’ve also seen people get banned for land claim. Just land claim but on the same server, another clan came in an spammed an entire grid at the broken highway but nothing happened to them. Funcom just has funny ways of doing things. It’s not just for hackers.

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