Banned because i was in a clan ... i was not on official server 3 weeks

Last 2 or 3 weeks i didn’t play on official servers, but was in a clan with ehm … Active players who play hardcore.

I went to the boat for 10 days on a holliday, next that i came back i was playing on private servers, and all of a sudden i am banned from official servers.

But my playstyle is not like thier playstyle, in 1000 hours active playing i build only 1 time a trebucket to clean up an area, never trow a demonfire to other mans property, and also i dont raid with these guys and dont use the items they steal …

So please, can you unban my account, since i had no part in any of the confusement they created, that is if i am banned for that. So help please

Guilt by association is real.


I think best is to contact customer support with an email, so you get a reason as to why back - ifyou didn’t get one.

Other then that - guilt by association is the only way to combat exploiting and hacking - aka cheating. Deciding who you play with and being responsible for the clans actions comes naturally in online games.

If it is something worth to you - by a new copy and evaluate who you play with. It is in Funcoms and the communities best interest to protect the legit players and not the exploiters to have a healthy playerbase,so the game and community can progress.

If there was a mistake i am sure Funcom will let you off the hook.


Wow, what did they do? I’m amazed there was a ban from official servers since Funcom keeps telling me it cant do anything to stop the hackers on mine that are stealing players personal info and using it to stalk them in real life, even with TONS of proof.

From the info posted by officials on this forum we at least know, that they can re-assess actions in the past on the officials servers - so they can see who did what and when.

I am certain that if this proves something, they act.

Whatever is said in chat - admitting this or that - can always explained away by just talking nonsense, so it won’t be e reason to be banned.

The thing you described @FreeHugs also falls into a general legal matter depending on the server location. Here in germany you could just file a police report, same in the U.S.

OFC Funcom might act on this aswell if they can find evidence,but this might take some time to make it work. Banning in general isn’t done immediately when exploiting/hacking maters are concerned, but with a delay to not give the attacker information what got them caught as in testing the security measures. So be patient a bit. Good luck!

Funcom can’t do anything, but law enforcement can. That is more than likely what they mean. They can 't file the grievance, you have to. It is in most EULA for online games. But hackers using personal attacks of IP’s and info are subject to prosecution by actual laws, not for breaking a games rules, so companies try to stay out of it. They can be subpoenaed for evidence if needed.

As for banning, they do it when there is indisputable proof, like walling off the entire entrance from the desert. When reported, a dev will create an account and run there. takes 5 mins. Anything else is hard, even with pics. Video is better. That is also why the created the new event log. Not for them to sift thru, but for players to only report when they see something suspicious, like structure destroyed outside of raid time.

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You are mostly right @WhatMightHaveBeen

The servers are Funcoms legal home - so they can do there what they want but need to address legal concerns as far as others (customers) and not only themselves are concerned. And EULA only bind you partially and are overridden by EU law for example.

i have spoken to law enforcement and its ongoing, this is beyond just ingame chatter though. They are using the information to attempt to get people fired from jobs, they are attempting to use it to make purchases and threatening to show up at people residences with guns.

Then it will take its course. It will take time and i am sure Funcom will have its eyes on this if you forward them the file report number as it is in their own marketing interest. They are a media company. They are clever, they need to be, so i am sure, they will do the right thing.

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Are you sure you’re not being conned? If you click on a user’s name in the player list in-game, it brings up the steam profile of that player. Some players put a lot of info on their profile to the public like their real name and location which can then correlated with facebook pages or other social media pages that can be gleaned for even more info. It does not mean that they will actually follow through with those threats anymore than committing a crime against anyone else - it’s a bully tactic…hopefully. However, it should be investigated seriously.

Thx for your responses, wel 2 thing are for sure, they where not hacking or cheating and yes, they play the game almost semi pro and get in conflict Always :wink:

But i doubth they realy did somthing against the basic rules of the game, but np, going to miss my favorit login name “Slayopatra” but for now i just have to accept it. Bummer is that i just bought the extansion pack aswel.

So you are saying your clan was banned from official servers (quite a feat considering FunCom has typically a hands off approach to official servers) because what, they were too pro?

Obviously there is more to this story then you are willing to admit, you get no sympathy here, at least from me that is. Continue to “play dumb”, someone will sympathize with you sooner or later.


I dont know what happend m8, if i say its was Val and grimm/frazier you probably say ah, yeah those 2 are a pain in the ■■■. But i wil let you know, i only have grimm on steam as vriend and he is offline for 4 days, wich means he probably got banned aswel. But they are banned for being to pro for sure.

Well - typically all exploiters and hackers didn’t do anything but just being pro. Suck it up. It doesn’t matter who in your clan did what as long as you are part of the clan you bleed for them as well and any game is better off with less exploiters. I can bring quiet a few players back to the game if i see this trend continuing and i am sure others will come back as well.

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So you knew you were in a clan full of hackers. You probably also benefitted from their protection, and resources.

Next time everyone you’re playing with is a cheater, I suggest finding new people to play with.


No biggy, no swet, i am not ashemed of my friends :wink: and i am also not crying btw, just trying to find out what happend.

That’s the good thing when dealing with the likes like you - i cannot depict a better image of yourself then just letting you talk. And that’s it then. bb.

dude, read 1st topic, i was always doing my own thing, and didn’t need their stuff … for the rest i dont know what happend, but i do know they are not cheating or hacking, but they can be some sort of abusive if they get into conflict with other clans, wich probably cry’d to loud.

and thats completely normal ingame behavior

Dude I did read the thing.

You hung out with them. You were part of their group. You knew what they were up to. And that means you benefitted from having their clan name over your head.

Stop hanging out with gangbangers if you don’t want to get caught in their busts.


Oh come on…
He wasn’t robbing the bank…he was just sitting in the car outside with the engine running