Official #1100 Ban reason


just want to ask why I am banned at official #1100? Got no information about any stryke or warning.


oh mate, you must have really done something terrible if Funcom indeed went ahead and banned you :smile:

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nope, just played for 2 days, not nearly lvl 60. sure me and my clan raided some clans but thats no reason for ban

how do you know that you are banned? maybe there is another reason to not be able to connect. funcom don’t ban just like that, if they ban at all.

No, I am sure. Try to join and after a few seconds a window appear with the Information: you are banned. Try to make a Screenshot later

if that is the case and your conscious is clear, i would suggest to msg one of the community managers and provide them with the details so that they could eventually check and reply to you.

If you joined a clan, in some instances, the entire clan gets banned for the actions of a clan mate. Guilt by association. Pushes us to police our friends as much as possible.


We have provided a ton of evidence about two blatant cheats on 1124 and they continue to cheat and are not banned.

If you are really banned I’d be amazed. I’d also like to know what you did and who the person who complained about you is sleeping with to get funcom to act. :slight_smile:


Banned? No way. Funcom never bans anyone.

You must have ticked off an actual Conan Exiles developer who was playing the game at the time. That’s the only explaination. :grin:


Usually its easier for them to ban someone from this forum than take action on the game servers.:sunglasses:


Now banned on all official Server. Thx Funcom :poop:

Didn’t play conan since my Ban on #1100

Edit: sry not able to send DM

For Acount Issues please use the E-mail Ticket System or DM someone from the @Community.
The forum is not the appropriate place for it.

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