Returned to game after months, recieved a ban notice?

Ive recently re purchased the game and returned after months of being away, since roughly last August or September. However upon my return, i recieved a notification saying my account is banned from official servers ?? When last i owned the game, everything was fine with my account, no issues with logging in at all. Who do i contact about this ? Funcom’s contact page doesnt allow you to put in tickets about Conan, it just redirects to FAQs. Any help at all would be immensly appreciated, as again i havent even owned the game for months on end, and all of a sudden this. I have a decent amount of money spent on DLC to boot too, and this is incredibly frustrating

perhaps @Ignasi can help

Any help at all to help would be immensely welcomed. Im not sure who @Ignasi is, but im assuming an addy or mod. Yes please, any contact at all to help resolve the issue as again, the conan help forums just redirect to FAQs. I just want to Survive, Build and Dominate again !

You’ve probably been in a clan that did excessive cheating. Happened to me too. I played 1 day with them and went to privates. After a week or so I got banned from all officials.


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Hey @ScarecrowGotEm

We’ve answered your DM.
Closing this thread now. :slight_smile:

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