I was banned years ago for something I never did. Dev please help



I have been a Conan player since DAY ONE, MINUTE ONE of release! I was here when you had to mine the same rock node 10 times before you actually received the resources. I put about 2k hours in this game and loved every minute of it!

I took a break for a bit and decided to play again with my wife… We joined a random server and it happened to have one of my old friends on it. So we joined her clan so she should show us her base… It was cool catching up. We logged off for the night and got banned. Apparently they hacked now and had a clan full of cheaters… We had no way of knowing this. So we got banned from playing on official servers and it really sucks. I just dropped the game after that, I filed a report and nothing ever came… Now my friends want to get back into the game and I still can’t enjoy official servers. It really sucks. I would never cheat on this game and have never even thought about ruining my account by doing so.

HOW can I get this resolved? I have filed two separate ban appeals. Thank you.

TDLR: I got banned for something I never did and I really want to be able to play again with my wifey.

Any kind of ban appeals need to be done via Zendesk. They can not help you on the forums.


What do you do when that doesn’t help? I’ve done ban appeals with no replies either way.

No idea, I’ve never been banned before.

It’s really unfortunate. I’ve never cheated on this game. Feels SOOO bad.

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I will tell you something my wife and I were playing on a ps4 server Siptah fellow asked us to join his clan after he showed us his main base looking like description of a .
Under mesh deleted or characters rather than risking a ban

I just made an alternate account, re-bought the game… Now I cannot even connect to the Funcom Live Services. How does that make any sense?!

It’s insane how people get punished for just playing normally, how the game was intended. Yet here we are. Banned on my main account and can’t even connect on a fresh account. It’s really infuriating.

Unfortunately, like social media games bring out the worst in individuals. That is one reason when ever it can I stay away from servers.

look at private server then , i dont know the extent of the ban , but private servers are much more fun for you and your wife , as well as your friend.

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