Hello :slight_smile:
Last Years I Played about 600h on this great Game Conan… But I was Ban from one PvE servers Funcom (because Kill Thralls, walls…). So I am oki for the BAN…

But why I am Ban on ALL SERVERS??? It is very exessive no???


I would’ve posted this in Players helping Players, but anyway, I would suggest contecting Funcom directly or messaging one of the staff here on the forums (such as @Ignasi for example) via PM.

If you were unfairly banned it should get sorted out, you seem quite vague on the reason why you received the ban though.

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He was trolling by killing thralls, walls it seems on PVE servers.
As far as i know, bans are for all officials. Privates do not have to comply with Funcoms decision.


Sounds like you used a cheat/hack to violate the coc/Eula.

Depends on Funcom’s arrangements with Gportal. I do know they can do a global ban on violators though.

If you disagree with a decision concerning your account, please contact the Forums Customer Support @Ignasi or @Hugo.