Griefer/Harassment, Where to report?

So where do i go to report griefers and being harassed in game?

pvp = no one cares.
pve-c = maybe if its undenyable fc will interract
pve = maybe they will interract.

contact @Ignasi via inbox, since the link to report grief and harassment sends you to his inbox

I’m on this guys server, he’s been constantly harrasing people for “griefing” on a PVE-C server for PVPING.

He’s also telling my friend to kill herself and “Cut deeper” next time. Just ignore him

Griefing is ok

cheating is ok

undermeshing is ok

wall jumping is ok

use terribly inappropriate clan names like COVID19

harassment is ok

we will only ban you if you wall off starting area otherwise do as you like.

bully people bait individuals that are suffering from mental illness to go ahead and commit suicide.

kill servers by raiding all the level 30 & below population daily.

Speed Hack is ok

Armor hack while Naked is ok

build unraidable bases undermesh and outside the wall where pictures and video can be taken as proof cause we do not care.

anyone who doesn’t believe that these things are happening come to Server 2111 and fight :open_hands: during raid times they’ll pass you chasing you running they’ll take no damage when you hit or Snowhunters level 20 with 58% damage bonus from strength hits them when they raid completely naked with a mask on. If you’re really good and think you can beat those hacks come to my server and get some cause these kids cheat like crazy and Rage Quit when you outsmart them or kill them. need more willing to take them on like we are cause the alpha on our server is afraid of 3 teenage boys so they wont engage them in the field and we need someone who has balls that haven’t been smashed to help out and maybe throw out the useless alpha we have there

^funcoms apparent rules of conduct only banning people for walls in the newbie area if people that do these things get there accounts banned so they lose all those hours of grind raid and whatnot lost forever with no way to start over and private servers wont put up with these people so it will cleanse the game but funcom has no intention of cleansing them or helping us.

Yasunga I hear that contrary to reports server 2111 actually has some Vacancy but The presence of No Vacancy is possible no matter how much they Fail and spend thousands of arrows and hundreds of bombs on raiding empty bases for hours to get some Salt. we watched them raid an empty base for 5 hours a couple nights ago and from what I understand they got about 9 buff fish and 300 Salt then Rage quit. @SaltyRaiders

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