Help with player harassment and admin abuse

hi guys where would one go to report a player aka a server admin whos hardcore harassing someone I.E me ive been told to go die called a ■■■■■ , constantly talked about for 0 reason just because this female doesnt like the way i look aka im not paper bag ugly i have screenshots of the convos and things been said i have moved to other servers but this person continues to talk grabo about me and follow me ect. her server is argos isle of siptah

Is it an official server?

If it’s not official server, then I believe the administration is on the owner. If it’s official, then it depends what kind of harassment. There is a possibility that she breaks the line with real life threath for example. It really depends on what extend it goes.

Her server, her rules. Block her, she will get tired eventually. If she violates any steam or discord polices, you can report her to them as well. If she goes too far, file a report with the police.


Then that’s relevant to those servers. Report her to those server owners. What she does on her own server is her business, all you can (and should) do is leave it.

You can also report her to Steam for harassment/stalking if she is actually following you around.

That’s assuming this whole thing isn’t a troll post, because it kinda reads like one.


Sounds like a non-official server. There’s nothing Funcom can do.

If someone locks you in the trunk of their Mustang and drives you out into the middle of the desert in order to shave you bald, you don’t complain to the Ford Motor Company about it.


Is this admin the only admin? Does the admin have a boss?

Ohh yeah private servers are soooo much better cause people running them are ethical. :stuck_out_tongue:

That one seems to be one of the foul apples in the basket…

May I just say, what a beautiful car metaphor - a true rarity. Well done, good sir (or madam, or whichever).


It’s all about picking your poison. Private servers vs official ones, neither is a perfect setup. For me the balance comes down in favor of officials (I won’t bore anyone with the reasoning, it hardly matters), but in any case, there will be bad apples in both bunches.


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