How do you report a player for Harassment?

We have a player in Official server #1650 Pvp that is using racial slurs like crazy. He is harassing another player. Is steam the only way to report this individual? His name is Edit by Anzu: No names. in that server. This is getting ridiculous. Blocking him doesn’t work.

Is something going to be done? He is doing it again. Oh wait we can’t show the name of this disgusting dude calling out racial slurs. There is no link to report someone for this behavior. I would be doing it. You guys are the admins of this server. This will be my last post about this stuff. Obviously it is falling on deaf ears.

Best is to make a Screenshot and Post it here. Make it easy for the devs to react if they see instantly whats going on. On the official there are no admins as far as i know.

I can’t show the name and probably can’t link stuff at this website since Anzu edited it out. I’m done with it, I tried blocking the guy but it isn’t working. It isn’t even me being harassed just another player. I do have screen shots. I sent them to steam not that would do anything.

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