How to report a player for harassment

We were on a server playing with some friends, who we had a falling out with. We had removed them from our clan, and they got incredibly angry. Threatening assault IRL, and declaring war in game. It has gotten to the point where one of them has basicaly told my friend to hang himself. I know theres no place to report conan players, but im hoping to get someone who can do somethings attention. We have pics directly from chat, but sisnce im a new user I cant post them.

Not sure if you have read the above post: Harassment and Griefing Issues

Otherwise I am guessing you can contact them via the email support:

As dakka says: Harassment and Griefing Issues
Bonesmalone4433 you do need to do a couple of things: Note the server name you’re playing on, any of the player character names and any other details there. Put all of that clearly into the post to the Exploit/Grief area.

A lot of bullying and the like happens on the internet and in all of the survival games. Sometimes it is hard to ignore abusive peoples comments, but just remember that, unless you actually know who they are in the real world, they are effectively meaningless - kind of like hearing a little dog yapping on TV and worrying it can bite you.
If the people you had a fall out with are actually known to you, and in your area, and threaten you physically, that is a completely different thing and can be officially reported. If all else fails, and if you are avoiding playing because of this person, there is always the option to all move to another server. If you are on a private server, then the Admins can resolve this immediately, otherwise FunCom Harassment and Griefing Issues page

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