Is player behavior reportable?

The last I see on the possibility of reporting players for behavior in game seems to indicate that official servers are an anything goes area and we don’t have a report option. Is that still the official word from funcom, or have there been any updates? Thanks.

Lately we have been receiving reports of harassment in Conan Exiles. Unfortunately it is not possible to provide in-game moderation across the thousands of Conan Exiles servers we have operating at the moment. We apologize for being unable to assist you in-game. If you find a player being toxic in chat you can mute them from the Player List.
If the behavior of other players continues to be a persistent issue you may want to consider playing on another server. You can also rent a server through GPortal or host a co-op game so you have more control over who comes into your game.

No change. Note this applies to PC servers. If yiy are using Xbox or PS networks, you should ne able to report the player’s actions through the normal means.

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