A question regarding reports on individuals

So this is just as a concerned player and member of the massive community but I’ve been receiving a lot of complaints about some individuals constantly being reported for harassment and racial slurs within the game (which I know are against the Code of Conduct as well as mentioned in the forums several times as something that is to not be tolerated) by numerous and I mean NUMEROUS people about certain individuals. At the very same time when in the middle of sidebar discussions I’ve learned said individuals have never once been approached, talked to or even reprimanded for their actions and merely laugh it off as though what they have been doing means nothing despite the reports I’ve been getting told about and it seems to be driving quite a few people batty. Can anyone from Support explain to me how it is there are lots of reports going in about harassment and racism on people and yet these people claim nothing is being done to them, not even being spoken to in regards to these situations?

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Hi Shuinsaigolem, I’m sorry to hear you feel these reports aren’t being addressed appropriately.

For security and privacy reasons, we’re not able to discuss or disclose the results of our investigations or any actions which may or may not be taken against a reported player’s account. I can tell you that every report generated through the right-click report function is reviewed individually by a Game Master, so that we can evaluate the report and address any violations of our rules which have occurred. Because every report is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, they can take some time to complete. Any actions taken by our GM team may not be immediately apparent or visible to you as a reporter.

The right-click report function is the most efficient way to bring these matters to our attention, so that we can review them as swiftly as possible, so we recommend using this tool whenever possible. We also recommend using the built-in ignore function (Right-Click -> Ignore, or through the friends window menu) in order to better control your own experience in-game. Ignoring a player not only prevents you from seeing messages they send to public chat channels, but blocks them from sending you any private tell messages.

Because our hands are tied by our policies, we also can’t say if any given player is being honest when they say they “haven’t been approached” or “haven’t been warned” by a GM. As other players are under no obligation to disclose their account’s status to you, you should take messages like this with a grain of salt, especially if you feel they may be trying to get a negative reaction or response from you by saying this.

If you still feel your reports aren’t being handled appropriately, you’re welcome to request further review of the situation by submitting an email support request through https://www.funcom.com/help. That will allow us to escalate your concerns to a CS Manager or Lead, who can review the original report as well as our GM team’s notes on their findings and any disciplinary actions which were taken.

I hope this helps clarify things! I understand the lack of transparency can be frustrating, but please understand that we take customer privacy very seriously. If there’s anything I’ve missed that you need elaborated, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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I understand fully that the discretion of what actually occurs in the background and that names are not allowed to be discussed openly for matters such as this due to the regard of Private Policy and many other important factors such as personal policies of the company as a whole. This is needed for each and every company with any sort of online presence and hence why I did not offer any such things and kept things completely ambiguous for this reason.

Also I thank you very much for the expedient response on this issue. I’m sure there are many who worry if a report they sent is even regarded or not and that was my hopes in this message. To both help insure to people that reports of things such as racism and harassment DO actually go to individuals to handle these issues, though it does trouble many people when they find out or hear from someone they have reported on that nothing is ever done to them regardless of it. So it was my hope that this was less of a way to call out people and more of something to let the community know that Support, Mods and Admins do actually take such a thing extremely serious and that hopefully with time the many reports on individuals that openly commit hateful acts such as this will find themselves learning quickly that their attempts to joke about things against the rules will not be tolerated.

I appreciate it greatly and again, thank you all for the hard work you put into ensuring that the community remains strong.


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