Racism and other forms of harrassment

are they are any ways to report players who spam racism in global chat? thank you

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Ignore them, like an adult.

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Funcom doesn’t moderate their servers. No one is going to hold your hand. Be an adult.

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appreciate it, obviously the other guys that replied don’t have children they would know that u don’t just ignore problems u correct them. I have messaged the customer service about it and have reported them to steam (since steam doesn’t tolerate it) appreciate the positive response.

That’s fair, and with that said, you honestly could have found all the answers you needed in the multiple other threads talking about this exact topic by using the search function. There was no need to create another thread on it.

There, corrected. :slight_smile:

i do apologize for the repeat thread, however i just did a quick peek before posting it. first time using this forum site :confused:

please refer this thread

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Chat can be turned off if your having your kids playing a game rated for 18+ that features nudity, slavery, barbaric combat and flopping shlongs in the wind…wait, and your worried about comments by trolls on the internet?

Does anyone remember the old saying “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me!”

This could apply in this situation where your kids are playing an 18+ game.

Wait, were you referring to racist comments, or the sexual harassment comments from your friend?


No, but you can write a Kotaku article about it, and how bad a company Funcom is for not making sure nobody’s feelings are ever hurt, on an internet game. You’ll get a few social media likes if you do, and a journalism credit.


Let me guess you mouthed off to a bigger tribe, they warned you to stop and so you continued to piss them off and now that you can’t handle getting your face smashes into the ground you are trying to get them banned for harsh language on a 18+ video game?


You should have a strong talk with the rest of your clan mates. Before you come onto the forums and want to report people for racism, how about your clan that for almost 2 hours did nothing but verbally harass a (now solo) female player.

The names that your clan called her, and the comments they made were not only childish, but down right ignorant. You want to white knight the internet for SJW’s around the world, start at home there buddy.

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