Funcom Supports Bigotry by Inactivity

So I have been playing Conan Exiles since it launched on PS4 on PvE server 3510. I have ran into many types of players over the years, some good and some bad.

I have to say thst this particular player I’m about to describe has to take the cake when it comes to bad players. The best part is he’s a member of this community as well, [redacted]. This toxic individual, has been determined to ruin the gaming experience for everyone on the server by recipe blocking and massive land claims throughout the map spammed with temples. I have tried my best to ignore his vulgar signs & the unreasonable demands he has made, but I had enough.

I reported his behavior to Funcom through Zendesk and they concluded that nothing he did was bad. They ignored the fact that he has built on a recipe, they ignored the racist signs, the racist animal names and his land claim abuse. So now this player is emboldened, he started to post homophobic slurs during pride month on signs directed at me and my family. I reported him again to Zendesk, but Funcom has just ignored my pleas, screen shots and all! Zendesk is a joke, nothing seems to get resolved.

Now he’s walling my base in, what am I supposed to do Funcom, why do you enable this type of behavior? I didn’t realize this industry was this bad. I already boycott Blizzard this year, I guess I will have to stop supporting Funcom as well now. I thought you were more inclusive, by choosing to do nothing you chose to enable this type of behavior. This is why I have to show everyone what I have to deal with. Here are a few examples of what I have been dealing with.

Admin Note: This post has been edited to blur out pictures out due to harmful language. You may click on the pictures to see the contents, but please be aware.


You can always report the player to Sony, they may act on it faster.


@Lucidique is right Sony has been cracking down on people recently for posting in their messages. I know what is being written on the signs is offensive not sure that it is enough to ban someone.

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Anytime you see this kind of behavior I recommend reporting it to the console company as well as the particular game company

It can result in a temporary online play suspension or communication ban depending on the infractions. More severe behavior can even result in permanent bans

You literally have screenshots of him breaking TOS of the platform


Agree. Sony that ignorant wretch!


How can FUNCOM fail to see that this is blatantly homophobic, as well as underlined with an element of racism??? Keep your head up, smile through the pain and know that you are not alone. You can clearly see by the response that your fellow players see the toxic behaviour of this individual, even if Funcom don’t. Just keep putting those tickets in and eventually they will have to act. Don’t let the actions of one mindless idiot destroy your enjoyment of this game. Stay strong.


You’re not allowed to name and shame on the forums.

Just report them, as Lucidique mentioned, report them to Sony its probably faster.

Part of the problem, as its very obvious this pond scum needs public shaming.


Why I didn’t mention it if he already sent in multiple tickets this might get some attention. They going after him instead of offensive people on servers?

From what I understand Sony leaves the onus for reporting players on the game manufacturer. You can report only things on PSN, messages, profiles, pictures, etc. Thanks for the advice , I will do more research to see other options since Zendesk seems to be pretty much useless at the moment.

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Unfortunately Sony can’t do anything from what I read, it’s in Funcom hands. What options do I have aside just quitting the game? Funcom has chosen to do nothing, so I assume they don’t care. Silence is violence.

Hello! Just wanted to pop in here to comment on a couple things:

First, we still have to stress that the best practice for these sorts of reports is to use our Zendesk help portal - I understand our response times may be slower than you’d expect or want, but please be assured this matter is being investigated and will be addressed as quickly as possible. We can only kindly ask for your patience in the meantime.

Second, we urge you to not conflate a delayed response to your ticket with endorsement of bigotry and discrimination. We absolutely condemn all forms of discrimination and hateful commentary, especially towards marginalized groups. The behavior on display in the OP is 100% not welcome in our community, and while we cannot disclose the exact outcome of this report, please be assured your report will be acted upon.

All that said, we do ask that you not ‘name and shame’ on the forums as mentioned, and while we understand the desire to publicly call out reprehensible behavior like this, it is still against the social guidelines. If you’d like to discuss our forum policies, my DMs are open.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Again, while we understand the desire to call out this kind of behavior, it’s still against the forum rules. Closing thread.