How to report guys doing this?

The server I’ve been playing on has a few guys with racist clan names and was wondering where to report. PSN says it’s a funcom issue, I honestly think it’s an issue for both companies but whatever. I have screenshots as proof but I’m a new user and I’m not allowed to post pictures.

@Wak4863 Sound familiar? We have a clan on our server who thought they’d be cute with their clan name. We’ve discussed among our various clans how to let them know it’s just not clever.

I really don’t know what anyone will do about it other than send a strongly worded message. I’m not sure they will even do that. If you haven’t gotten too far, you can relocate to another server. Are you PvP, PvE?


Can’t post pictures of usernames it’s against community guidelines. @Ignasi can point you in the right direction to properly report. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a fine line with freedom of speech and what not but there should be some filters built in. We’re on official PVE 3890 if you would like to join us. There’s around 6 clans who all jump in party chat and play / help each other.

While i believe the best action is to ignore, Funcom has some duty on officials since they pay for them. Here is why…it won’t let me post any of those words most often used to troll as clan or ignorant usernames on this very forum. So if they aren’t allowed on their forums, then how is it permissible to be allowed on their servers?

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Short of expensive legal action probably not much will happen since there’s no GMs in game.
Ever wonder why there’s no in game server chat on ps4? That would require someone to moderate chats.

Also some of the biggest racists I’ve encountered in game were actually black guys themselves trolling others to get a rise out of it, or worse yet jumping on other servers, starting a racist named clan and then claiming to be alpha of another server so that an outrage mob would come to the other server and gang up against the alphas. They would even go so far as to create PSNs that were 1 character off of another players PSN to make it seem credible that it was them. That’s the sort of toxic f*ckery that official has devolved into.

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all good points. But to me it doesn;t matter what color the person is. the fact that the very words banned on this forum are not banned on their official servers. Screen shots are nice. But one could grab the logs (as event logs hold the old name, even after it is changed) and follow a very simple path of data.
I heard a quote today that resonated with me. that one can either do the hard right thing, or do the easy wrong thing. Idea is if we don’t do something right because it is hard, then that means the wrong thing is the easier path.

Games like these really do need GMs but Funcom doesn’t want the MMO style hassle for a game they never intended to become an actual MMO. I can say toxic gamers have really killed this game though.
I mean why waste time playing a game on official PVP servers when all manner of griefers can ruin a server and call it “PVP”? Megatribe / exploit/cheese/grief to win is the meta for official PVP.
So yes, it would be in Funcom’s best interest to maintain player base by moderating servers and banning trolls but will they devote time and resources? Probably not as they have been pretty adamant in not wanting GMs. A pity b/c they could easily turn a sequel of CE into a full fledged atlas like survival MMO but many players will remember the toxic experiences they had with CE and probably pass on such a game.


Word filters are definitely a route.

Tbh they could implement a number of systems to deter/prevent a quite a few actions and behaviors.

Word filters and auto censor type of tech is basic and easy to implement, but the root issue is toxic gamers that the gaming industry as a whole still doesn’t know how to handle aside from active GM type of moderation. Survival PVP games definitely attract the worst of the worst and Conan Exiles is no exception. However, in another popular survival sandbox pvp game that will not be named, you could at least get players using racist language/hate speech / exploits / etc banned off of officials simply by documenting in a ticket and a GM logging in to verify said toxic behavior. Not the case in CE.

For better or worse the determining factors of success in CE Official PVP currently comes down to how toxic can you be(i.e how many casual players can you run off), how many friends you have, lots of free time and mastery of in game exploits. Thus why many players are on private servers or not playing pvp at all.

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