How to report racist tribe

Im on ps4 their’s is a tribe calling them selfs the third reich. Yelling Anti-semite and Anti-black crap while there raiding people. I see it offensive it needs to be taken care of. We wiped them all ready but it just made it worse i believe the devs need to step in and handle them.

It’s a free world.

Not THAT free, bigot.

You better take Screenshots if they are write stuff like that in Chat, because you have to prove it. Otherwise it would be difficult to find out if you are saying the true or just want to kick some players a** you dont like for reasons.

Ps4 don’t have global chat we have headphone chat

We finally wiped them completely them and their Allies off the server it took three days and three different tribes thay where dug in like ticks. One of their tribe members took and hour to kill because he was using the Unlimited stamina exploit that needs to be fixed. That was Ridiculous he’ll came by using daggers hit us few times then run backwards so he would never run out of stamina.

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