Reporting these players for racism

For 2 weeks now we have had to deal with a racist clan in official server #1655
It is absolutely ridiculous they are allowed to do this without punishment.

I have picture evidence but since new members cant post pictures i can’t show them.

His steam name is : i can count to potato
Ingame name is: Twist niers heads off
Clan name is: NONI

They are using the N word i just edited it out

Can a admin or someone please look into this server.

Unless this game promotes racism?

This is not a fix, when you walk up to their buildings you can see the racism. You cant block that.

Why not have a chat filter? Dont let them use words like that.

I have nothing to do with it. Just pointing out that the servers will not be moderated. You’ll need to handle the problem yourself or change servers. If it’s PvP, get a group together and go slaughter them repeatedly.

Stand up for what you believe in!

They should still have a chat filter, very simple fix.

Hmm. You can block players so that seems like it would be more effective than a chat filter, yeah?
There are countless ways to get around chat filters. Those will never work.

Just stay away from them or kill them. Or leave.

Some of us are having issues where you have to block them every time you log on. The block goes away when you log off.

Oh damn. That really does need some attention then. :slight_smile:
I think they plan on working on the anti-harassment systems but they’re not going to moderate servers and ban people for griefing or harassment.

That mod has that.

Please send a report at — You can paste a link to this thread.

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