Bullying can you go somewhere to report it


I am in server 3725 in the northern part we are a tribe of 8 and I logged on today you find some tribe at the top of the hill well away from me as blocked all of our building in with pillars and very highwalls they come over threating our tribe if you don’t move we will make it worse for for you it’s unbearable but the thing is why should we have to move because of these idiots there is no where to report these idiots and to me it’s no better than ark is there anyway I can report these as I am about to say have the bloody land and go sell the game the abuse my tribe is getting in messages is bad plus they put signs up on the server makeing threats to members of my tribe I don’t want sympathy just help with this crap it’s not just our server it’s many server’s I have read this many times on Facebook Twitter it’s got to stop

The devs already said they will not be policing the servers

Your momma!

What I ended up doing is finding a private server that catered to the type of interaction I wanted out of fellow players.

Unfortuneatly, a private server seems like the best sollution.

Thank you guys I am going to turn my ark server into a Conan it’s a shame because it’s a nice game they are going to lose money because of idiots well happy gameing guys

So it should be OK to build 200+ small T3 bases over the spots with high density of resources, and then to log in just to refresh the decay timers + build them back in case of anybody tried to free up the resources.

What I see is that the Funcom continue to to create a good environment for toxic players. :slightly_smiling_face:

And nope - private servers are not always an option of you are one of those guys who spends hundreds of hours and don’t want one day to find out that private server is no longer available. :slight_smile:

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