Player using exploits and spamming chat with racist slurs on Official Server 1935. Please, help

My brother purchased this game for me as a gift and I have played it for about a week. I am on the 1935 dedicated PvP server. There is a player here who has openly talked about DDOSing and cheating on the global chat. I don’t really care what people brag about and I have not seen him cheat so he may just be bs’ing. However, every single night he uses some silly chat macro to change his text color and then he pretends he is another player and just floods the chat with racist obscenities.

Is there anything I can do about this!? Should this be allowed to go on? I do not see a way to report him and the whole server is disgusted with his behavior. It has certainly given me thoughts about requesting a refund for the game if the official servers can not be moderated for extreme behaviors. I have screenshots of this behavior but I do not think it is even remotely appropriate to post those.

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Don’t include the players name in your post. But do @Ignasis or such to draw their attention to your problem. Perhaps Funcom will help you if you provide thorough documentation (take and provide clear screenshots of abuses as well as coordinates). Goodluck with the problem. 8(