Players cheating and racism

Server: Official server #1979 PvP -
Country: BR
Mode: Multiplayer Online Official
Region: #1979
Platform: PC
Me: MegaShooter
Rival Clan: Sin Clan (3) / Maybe principal cheater player: “Unknow”
Ally Clans: BlackFratern (4), Starks (2), Skulls (1), Bandidos da Savana (2) and IGX (4) [we]

Yesterday 3/28 06:30PM, a clan arises in a short time, claiming a greater area in 8B.
We checked and were duplicating NPC’s (print), there were about 50 npc bodies and they were working avatar.

The moment we warned that we would report, the racism messages started (print).

After that, we put the differences of all other clans aside, and we started a massive war against them, we won, but the cheats remain on the server.

On fight, we suspect theirs using speedhack and full stats 50

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Run a private server. The only one who might get punished here is you, for interfering with sales.

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