Chinese using HAX and CHEATS on PVP servers!

This is an outcry post to all developers and game moderators!

Let’s start from the beginning

I bought the game after the release after some recommendations from my friends
New online survival game - why not it give it a try right?

Because currently i’m living in Asia in order to get a good game ping i logged into Asian 1344 server
Everything was fine until me and my friends noticed that there are only us and chinese players.
First we didnt bother about it, but after a week we got curious why there are no koreans japanese or people from other countries. What we discovered was pretty interesting. There were few top chinese clans always 5-6 people online day and night. And they were not fighting with each other - chinese “peace treaty” as they say. And all korean mega bases were smashed into peaces. We thought alright, probably those guys are pretty strong, lets not mess with them. But soon after we discovered huge citadels all over the map which belonged to some clan with hashtag "HH…(chinese characters). And even after 3 weeks those buildings were not outdated. Considering the size and effort put in each of those bases there were supposed to be at least 6-7 people playing and grinding all the time. But the interesting thing was that there was no one from that clan ever online. In 3 weeks no one showed up. We started to suspect something fishy. Time passed by and one day the only guy from that clan finally appeared online and after few minutes all those structures belonged to another clan which was dominating the server. We had an argument with them so they have been looking for our base for more than 3 weeks with no result. But one day a random clan appeared on the server, after 3 days they all were lvl 60 and the same day interesting things started to happen. another evening i read the event log and saw that my thralls destroyed my building from the inside. i just couldnt comprehend it. went there and checked. what i saw was truly amazing. A naked guy was appearing through the walls and foundation of my building so my thralls started attacking him and eventually destroyed my own base. The funny thing that the guy from the new clan (3days lvl 60 - amazing right?) was going through the walls but wasnt even showing in the player list whos in game. So the other days whole server came to raid us (i’m gonna mention it again, that before that clan appearing on that server, no one could find us, rly secret area). They have built the trebuchet right next to our walls which i thought was impossible due the range of building spaces. Eventually they destroyed our base with the avatar of Seth, luckily we have managed to relocate all our good to another base right before they started raiding. So the only thing they have got after 2 hours of ambush was a pile of compost. Hahahah. You should have seen their faces and rage in the chat.
So far we decided to lay low for a bit.

The other part of this truly “epic quest” of playing on Asian servers.
We moved to another server - 1343 for a time being. To explore and to see the end game content.
It has been almost two weeks here. and the suspicious thing again was that there are only chinese players on the server. The online was extremely low about 5-15 people on rush hours.
And again there were 3 top clans which didnt fight with each other. Interesting right?
We decided to explore volcano area and saw sandstone building there only with wheels of pain. Imagine: PVP server, volcano area and sandstone buildings? No one was afraid of raiding or anything. SO i decided to blow up one small building. After half an hour those clan members logged into the game and started raging implementing me being not friendly. PVP server - friendly? LOL what?
Anyway i told them if they want to be secured just build tier 3 buildings and thats all.
After that they told me that they would show me whats real PVP is. And that i will never find their base or loot because they are using bugs and cheats to hide it under the ground.
So today at PM exactly i was in my base and server started lagging really bad. I didnt understand what was going on. Other people complained about the issues too. I checked the Event log and u know what i discovered? My thralls on the first floor have been killed by a player. Just to make it clear my base was all made of black ice and i made three stacks of foundation walls all around the base plus i added extra reinforcements all over the walls. SO i went down my base and yeah my thralls were killed but walls foundations and ceilings were not damaged at all. Suddenly I heard the sound of the trebuchet from under my base, at least to of them. They started bombarding my base from under it! Again LOL WUT?! i went out of my base no one was around. Suddenly a tall standing wall of foundations appeared right next to me with another trebuchet on the top. I quickly got some explosives and smashed it down. At the same time bombs from under the textures never stopped hitting my base. After 30 minutes they have built another trebuchet but in the mountain. INSIDE THE MOUNTAIN CARL! But boulders couldnt go throught the textures there so they have decided to relocate. After two hours of their struggles one dude nocliped through our walls and started placing bombs right inside our house. The funny thing was that he placed explosives right next to him and took no damage from it. Me and my friend decided to go for the list ride “FOR GONDOR!”. As soon we went out of our base three of those guys started chasing us in heavy armor rolling around and using speedhacks running like gazelles. The moment they got close to use we started lagging hard and only outlagged when we were dead. I assume that was their lagswitch. After all that madness all of them admitted that they are using cheats like: “Whole server knows that our clan uses cheats and hax! Thats why no one messes with us! We used cheats to find your base and came to teach you a lesson and show you the real PVP! CHINA NUMBA WAN! FOREIGN DOGS!”. Thats all she wrote.

After all we decided to leave that server for a while.
I never wrote any post in community hubs or any complains. But… Today was the critical point.
Personally i really enjoyed the game, the idea the gameplay. But what is killing this game and why people are leaving CHINESE PLAYERS! It’s in their mentality to CHEAT to play unfair. Because of that i have already gave up on so many online projects. I just really regret the time and effort spent on that. Because one day few chinese noobs can come over shouting “CHINA NUMBA WAN SB!” and destroy your base from the inside…

I really hope that one day there will be punishment for those toxic unfair players.
I wouldnt even mind the wipe of the whole server just to get the justice.

My hopes are all with you developers that you will not ignore this message and do something about it.
Truly yours, Totsuzen


Unfortunately cannot attach all the screenshots and video proofs of those cheaters due me being a new user here. I’ll try to attach it later

Please please please be sure you submit any and all information you have to Exploit Hunters and not just on the forums. Additionally, please make sure that if you know how they’re doing an exploit/cheat, that you do NOT explain or detail it on the forums or it will be removed. Feel free to add any videos of the exploits or video on how to do the exploit to our website:


The thing is I have no idea how chinese players manage to do that.
I always play online games fair and don’t even want to try hard to find the way how they do it.
If only i knew I wouldnt even start complaining here.
I just want this chinese madness to end

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Unfortunately this is what happening on official Asian pvp servers. If you are a foreigner here - you are doomed. Regardless of being friendly or not. But that attitude is ok, this is pvp server after all. But they cheat, and cheat and keep cheating and using exploits unpunished. I got my base destroyed from the underground. Tried to talk some sense to them, that cheating is not cool and etc. And here what I was told - “Blame yourself for building a base on place that allows to destroy it from the underground. Yeah, this is a cheat/exploit, but this is PVP server, so stop whining and learn to play.” Yeah, sorry about that. How stupid of me it was to build a base in such a place. Care to give me a safe base map pls? So sad…


And finally there is a clip from youtube I have just uploaded from todays events

Nicole, can you please look into the server #3123 on PS4 official PVP being down since yesterday. Thanks

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Chinese on your server, Russians on mine, it’s nice to know we live in a world where a company neglects to punish those who are actively cheating.

On our server Russians live in a glitched base we cannot raid, it might get destroyed in the upcoming patch but that doesn’t ban the cheaters or punish them for doing it in the first place. Secondly they were able to build exploit foundations underground to negate claimed land and begin placing more foundations in order to raid people.

They did it nearly two weeks ago to another clan and they’ve claimed near us using the same method. I’ve reported this to funcom along with many others on our server but I highly doubt they’ll be any justice dispensed, there never is with this company.

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I find exploit hunter uses less. We did a lot of that early on in EA and got almost next to nothing even when finding out many things the devs were not aware of. We would tell them within hours sometimes minutes of the patch launch and nothing. Even had contacts for CMs still nothing. So we have up and keeper them to ourselves and funny they were never fixed for months.


I suppose that what happened to use several times
but the scariest thing was that those cheaters were able to find our base in few minutes
even though other clans were searching for us for weeks
I think its somehow connected with sudden purges popping up every time i log into the server
I think they found out a way how to turn on ur purge and turn it off right away, but minions will spawn near your base
I suppose thats how they were able to find us
I just disgrace that scum…

Sorry to hear that you also have issues with glitches and hackers… We posted and ans we get from dev team is that they do not care about there game and they dont care about anyone hacking or exploit bugs. That is stated from dev team themselves. They will not interact with any official server they host.We had no choice to despawned like 4000 dragon powder and despawned 4 of our bases because no one can raid them even. forums funcom com/t/chinese-tribe-using-glitch-on-server-1091/18954 We all quit conan forever and said its pointless to play a game if developer do not care about people playing it. This game atm total waste of time and money! Forgot to mention the chinease also have access on official servers to admin commands. Was seen on live feed even and they did nothing about it.


No they were most likely using location software or console commands to teleport to your location.

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Thats what we have been thinking about
out of nowhere appearing near our base
spawning purges at their will
building right next to my base etc.
anyway i came to the same conclusion that at this state of the game its just a waste of time
i rly enjoyed the game, but as always chinese players destroyed all those good feelings and experience just in few hours…
got about 300 hours in the game myself…so sad

rly wanted to play the game like normal ppl do
with challenges and PVP raiding and stuff
but apparently its my and only wish…

do you have any video evidence?

so, we can ask @Tascha to care of it

As Nicole mentioned, if you do have any evidence material please make sure you use Exploit Hunters to make sure the right people get on it.

There is nothing specific I can do than to also bring it up with them. Rest assured that if it has been submitted they WILL look at it :slight_smile:

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the thing is im not 24/7 in the game
just half an hour ago my friend reported that they again appeared right next to him, out of nowhere
unfortunately we dont do recording of the game all the time
and u can never know when they gonna decide to use cheats again

is there a way for developers to look through the game code and console of the server and see who done what? i suppose each server holds an event log so the developer can check it anytime

and yeah by the way, those cheaters have a way to clean up my event log in the game

and yeah i already uploaded a video of my base being raided from under the ground
you can see the link to the youtube video above

hi there we gave even you live feed as they play streaming by them not us,how to use this exploits and still dev /mod/funcom did not care. Sorry to say this great game is deing slowly again! We are just puppets that gives funcom money!